Transfers report

You can view the following information in the Transfers report.

  • Amount of money transferred
  • Number of active users
  • Adoption rate
  • Average transfer amount
  • Average per day
  • Average per user
  • Inbound top external institutions
  • Outbound top external institutions

If your financial institution allows your end users to complete both internal and external transfers, you will see separate sections for both.

The reports provided in Banno Reports are for informational purposes only, and may differ slightly from the information on your billing statements. Banno Reports reflects accurate data about user activity in a given time range. However, because your financial institution's contract may define billable user activity according to other criteria, these numbers are not an accurate predictor of how many users you will be billed for.

For any questions about billing or other information, you can open a case on the For Clients site.