Enrolling in Zelle® (SilverLake only)

Your financial institution must have SilverLake and a contract with JHA PayCenter to use Zelle®.
Before using Zelle®, end users must first enroll using the following steps.
  1. From the dashboard or the main menu, select Send money with Zelle.
  2. Select Get started when the Zelle® welcome screen appears.
  3. When the Terms & conditions screen appears, select Accept & continue.
  4. Select the email or mobile number you wish to use as a token that is used by other Zelle® users to send money to you and to request money from you.
    If the email or phone number that appears from the bank profile are not desired, select + Add a new mobile number or email to enter a different one.
    Note: If a number or email has a pending transaction, that information appears in a message below it. You can select Yes, enroll this email or Yes, enroll this phone number to choose it to enroll with.
  5. When the list of eligible accounts appears, select a primary account to be used as the default account that money will be sent to and paid from.
  6. Select Continue.
    A verification code is sent to the end user in an email or a text, depending on the method of enrollment chosen (phone number or email).
  7. On the Validate information screen, enter the verification code that was sent to your email or phone number via SMS, and then select Verify.
  8. Upon successful validation of the code, the success screen appears to confirm the end user's enrollment.
  9. Select Send or request money to begin using Zelle®, or select View pending requests if there are any.