Banno Online allows end users to have the convenience of online bill pay if your institution has enabled this feature.

The Payments screen can be accessed using several methods.

Payments section of the Dashboard

The Payments section of the dashboard contains Pay a bill and Pay a person options, along with a list of recent payments.

Quick actions section of the Dashboard

Select Pay a bill from the quick-action section at the top of the dashboard to access bill pay.

Main Banno Online menu

Bill pay can be accessed by selecting the Payments from the main Banno Online menu.

iPay Single Sign-On

If your institution has iPay Single Sign-On enabled, end users can access bill pay functionality by selecting Manage payments from the Banno online main menu or the quick actions section of the dashboard.

Attaching payments to conversations

End users can begin a conversation about a payment or add a payment to an existing conversation by navigating to Payments > [Select payment] > Ask us about this payment. While in an open conversation, they can select Payments, or choose Select payments within the conversation if the support agent has sent a prompt.