The Templates screen allows users with the appropriate permissions to add, edit, and maintain the ad templates used in Marketing.

Create a template

Select Create a template to go to the template editor.

Search and filter

You can use the Search by template name field and the Filter by status drop-down menu for an easy way to find specific templates.

Your templates

The Your templates section contains all the templates previously created by your financial institution. You can view the status, the last modified date, and the person who last modified it, and access more options by selecting Settings next to each item.

Additional options from the Settings menu include:

  • Edit template - Opens the template in the editor to make changes.
  • Duplicate - Creates a duplicate copy of the selected template in the list.
  • Show ads - Shows a list of ads that use the selected template.
  • Archive - Allows you to archive a template so that no new ads can be created with it. After selecting this option, you can choose to activate or deactivate all the template's associated ads.

Global templates

In the Global templates section, you can see all the templates provided by Banno for financial institutions to use. You can view their statuses and last modified dates, in addition to the Hide/show toggle, which allows you to select which global templates to show in the ad editor while users create new ads.

You have one additional option to use from the Settings menu:

  • Duplicate - Creates a duplicate copy of the selected template in the list.