Creating a Website campaign

Follow these steps to create campaigns for ads to be served within your website.

If you want to create ads to be served within Banno Online, follow instructions for Creating a digital banking campaign.
Create a campaign screen with Campaign for your website selected

  1. Select Campaigns in the Marketing navigation, and then select Create a campaign.
  2. Complete the fields in the form.
    Campaign type
    Select Campaign for your website.
    Campaign name
    Name or category for the group of ads you will create.
    Note: Your end users will not see the title of your campaign, but you can use the campaign title to track its performance.
    An overview of the campaign, used to help differentiate various campaigns in the system.
    Note: The campaign description is an internal-only explanation that helps you tell the difference between campaigns and will not appear to end users.
    Landing page
    The webpage your ads should lead your users to.
    Start date
    The date you'd like the ads in the campaign to become active on the website.
    Optional end date
    The date you'd like the ads in the campaign to stop showing on the website.
    If not set, the campaign will run indefinitely.
    Related keywords
    Represents key words or phrases used to describe the campaign. We use this field to match end users' interests to ads served.
    Note: Keywords should match up with the SEO Keywords listed for the landing page inside the Banno CMS, and each keyword should be separated by a comma.
    Is this a fallback campaign?
    A fallback campaign is a campaign that appears to new users, users for whom you don't yet have data for, or users for whom you don't have a good match of ads based on their previous interactions. Green indicates a Yes response while gray indicates No.
  3. Select Create.