Configuring Xperience password reset

Configuring Xperience password reset for Banno allows your institution to send Banno end users a reset password email from Xperience in the same way it does when resetting the user's password from within Banno People.

You can create a case on the For Clients site if you need assistance with your Banno configuration for this feature. For more help with the core institution maintenance steps, see the Banno online banking password reset section of the CIF 20/20 General Ledger, Integrations, and Other Applications Enhancement Guide on the For Clients site.
  1. In Banno, visit Users & groups > Create external app.
  2. Select Create.
  3. In the Name field, choose a name.
    The Name field is for you to identify the application and is not shown to end users.
  4. Complete the Partner name field if applicable.
  5. In the Application type area, select Service account.
  6. For Client type, select Signed JWT.
  7. Paste a public/private key in PEM format in the Public key in PEM format or a JWKs URL field.
  8. Select the correct user in the Associated user field.
  9. Select Save.
  10. In your core system, visit Institution maintenance > Banno API.
  11. In the Banno API section, select Enable Banno Password Reset.
    Note: Use the consumer base URL for the Banno API URL. For information about how to get that value, see Base URL.
    Note: Before using the Enable password reset option, the Banno connection must be configured using the previous steps in Users & Groups.