Manage cards

Banno allows end users to have more control over their cards.

You can take the following actions using Banno.

  • Activate or deactivate card
  • Report lost card
  • Report stolen card
  • Reorder card
  • Activate new card
  • Access Alerts and protection

To access these features, go to Accounts > [Account Name] > Manage Cards.

Users can also use the Manage Cards dashboard section to view card details at a glance. To add this dashboard card, go to the bottom of the dashboard and select Organize Cards > Add Cards > Manage Cards > Add. After adding the dashboard card, users can select any card name to access other card management options.


The following are requirements for card management.

  • Institution must have jhaPassPort integration
  • Institution must be using a JHA core

There may be other requirements specific to your institution. Based on your implementation, every feature may not be available in your app.