Manage cards

Banno Mobile allows users to have more control over their debit cards.

The mobile app allows for the following actions to be taken.

  • Activate or deactivate card
  • Report lost card
  • Report stolen card
  • Reorder card
  • Activate new card
  • Access Alerts and protection

To access these features, go to Accounts > [Account Name] > Manage Cards.

Users can also use the Manage Cards dashboard card to activate and deactivate cards. To add this dashboard card, go to the bottom of the dashboard and select Organize Cards > Add Cards > Manage Cards > Add. After adding the dashboard card, users can select the toggles to activate and deactivate cards. They can also select the card name to access other card management options.


The following are requirements for card management.

  • Institution must have jhaPassPort integration
  • Institution must be using JHA core

There may be other requirements specific to your institution. Based on your implementation, every feature may not be available in your app.