Call-in verification

To verify an end user's identity, you can send a verification code to them through an SMS message or an email.

To verify an end user's identity, an email address or phone number is required to be on file.
  1. In Banno People, select Users, and then search for a user.
  2. Select [User name] > Security.
  3. On the Security screen, find the Call-in verification section.
  4. Select Send code.
  5. On the Call-in verification screen, choose the delivery method by selecting the appropriate option.
    • Send code via SMS
    • Send code via email
  6. Ask the end user to tell you the code that was sent, and then enter it in the Enter code field.
    Note: To resend a code to the end user, select Send a new code.
  7. Select Verify, and then select Done.
Verification activity is recorded on the end user's Activity timeline and appears under the Authentication filter when viewing the Activity screen in Banno History.