Connecting and authorizing accounts for Intuit®/Quicken® with Direct Connect

Banno end users use this Direct Connect option to authorize specific connections to their accounts, with the additional security granted by Banno's two-factor authenticated login.

This functionality is only available to desktop applications and does not apply to online products such as QuickBooks® Online, Mint, TurboTax Online, etc.
Note: If you want to allow your end users to select which connections from Intuit® applications to allow, Banno must configure that option for you. To find out more or to enable this option, create a case on the For Clients site.
  1. Connect your bank account by setting up a bank feed in the Intuit® or Quicken® application.
    1. Find the option to set up a bank feed in the application.
    2. Find your bank, enter your online banking credentials in the application, and follow all the steps provided.
    3. Enter the username and password credentials for the Banno account.
      Note: This action initiates the session for your application. This initial connection fails with a generic error message. This error is expected and you can still continue to the next step.
  2. Authorize the connection in Banno Online.
    1. Log on to Banno Online.
    2. Select the end-user profile avatar from the main Banno Online menu, and then select Settings.
    3. Select Security.
    4. In the Direct Connect section, select Manage.
      A list of applications with attempted connections to the end user's account appears.
    5. Locate the connection that the end user attempted to connect previously in the Intuit® or Quicken® application.
      Tip: Multiple connections could be listed, so be sure to look for the right one.
    6. Select the correct connection, and then select Approve.
  3. Finish the process in the Intuit® or Quicken® application.
    1. Restart the application.
    2. Repeat all the substeps in step 1 to add the institution again and complete the connection.
    3. When the list of bank accounts appears, select the desired options for any in the Quickbooks accounts column.