Reporting a stolen card

Users who have had their cards stolen can change their card statuses through Banno.

A card with a stolen status results in a hot card that becomes permanently deactivated.
When you report a card as stolen, you can no longer manage the card from the mobile app.
  1. Select Accounts > [Account Name] > Manage Cards.
  2. Select the appropriate card.
  3. Select Report Lost/Stolen if debit card, or Report lost card if credit card.
  4. Choose the relevant option:
    • If debit card, select My card is stolen.
    • If credit card, select Yes when asked if there is fraudulent activity to report.
The card status changes to Stolen. From now on, when you select the card you see the following message: This card can no longer be used. After 30 days of being in the Stolen status, the card stops displaying in the app entirely.