Account balance configuration

Your financial institution can choose the balances that you want to show to your end users in your apps.

Your financial institution's implementation determines the balance types shown to your end users. For example, available balance, current balance, and collected balance are options to show for debit accounts. Additional account balance configurations are available for loan accounts.

Account balance display options for Banno

Your financial institution can choose the following options for balance display priority in Banno:

  • Choose which balance (current, available, and so on) appears first as the primary in Banno and which appears as the secondary.
  • Opt not to show a current or available balance to your end users, if desired.

By default, available balance appears as the primary balance and current balance appears as secondary in Banno, unless your financial institution states that you want a different configuration.

NetTeller and Banno balance considerations

If your institution has NetTeller and Banno, your institution must provide Banno with the available balance calculation table numbers that have been inserted in the core in Deposit Parameter Maintenance Menu (DDPAR) menu option Available Balance Calculation Tables. In NetTeller, those numbers are pulled from the core and appear in NetTeller Parameter Menu (NETPAR) option General Parameters Maintenance. After Banno has those numbers, we will ensure that our numbers match and insert them into the Banno layer. This is a required step that avoids errors.

For Banno balance assistance

Banno helps your institution achieve an account balance configuration that meets your needs. For help with customizing or configuring any of the previously mentioned account balance options with Banno, contact your implementation coordinator or create a jSource case on the For Clients portal.