Requesting money with Zelle®

Your financial institution must have SilverLake and a contract with JHA PayCenter to use Zelle®.
  1. Select a starting point.
    • Begin from the quick actions section beneath the Accounts section of the dashboard.
    • Begin from the main menu.
  2. Select Send money with Zelle®.
  3. Select Request from the menu that appears.
  4. Find and select a recipient using the list of people and the search field.
    Select Add to input information for a new contact.
  5. On the Enter amount screen, enter the desired payment amount, and then select the account where you want the funds deposited.
    Note: The account selected on the Enter amount screen also determines the token from which the request is sent.
    Note: On the Enter amount screen, end users can only select accounts for requests that are the primary account(s) for their enrolled tokens.
  6. Select Review, and then select Request [your amount].
    You can add an optional note for the recipient in the What's this for? field.
    The Request sent confirmation screen appears.
  7. Select Done.