Maintenance events

The purpose of a maintenance event is to tell Banno Monitor when you are planning an authorized change to your site, preventing Banno Monitor from sending an alert for the change. If you include a monitor in the details of your maintenance event, the monitor scan will ignore changes made during the maintenance event's selected time range.

Site changes occurring outside of a maintenance event still trigger alerts as normal.

Tip: If your site uses both Banno Monitor and Content (Banno CMS), changes made through Content automatically create maintenance events in Banno Monitor. That way, authorized site changes in Content do not cause alerts from Banno Monitor.

Selecting Maintenance causes your maintenance calendar to appear. The maintenance calendar shows your scheduled service events. You can choose to view your information arranged by month, week, or agenda. Use the information about scheduled maintenance to track planned changes made to your webpages and to prevent unnecessary alerting from Banno Monitor.

Selecting events in the calendar view reveals more information and options for maintenance events.

Maintenance calendar showing a maintenance event