Managing user profiles and permissions

Users & Groups makes it easy to adjust user profiles and settings as your institution's user needs change over time.

  1. Above your profile image in the lower left corner, select Ellipses > Users & Groups.
  2. Select User list in the Users & Groups navigation to view a list of all users for your institution.
    Tip: Search to find users by entering a name or email address and use filtering options to narrow results by group.
  3. Select a user's name to view that individual user's profile information.
  4. Select a situation and follow the steps.
    Situation Steps
    Editing profile information
    1. Select Ellipses > Edit profile to open a dialog box.
    2. Update the name, phone number, or timezone information.
    3. Select Save & continue.
    Deleting a user
    1. Select Ellipses > Delete user to remove a user from the system.

      A dialog box appears to confirm the deletion.

    2. Select Confirm.
    Editing groups and permissions
    1. Select Permissions to view the various pieces of the Banno platform accessible to the user.
    2. Select Edit groups in the upper right-hand corner to make adjustments.
    3. Select the groups that the user should belong to, and then select Save changes for updates to take effect.
    Viewing institutions
    1. Select Institutions to view a list of all institutions that a user is part of.
    Viewing user notifications Select Notifications to view a list of all email notifications that have been sent to the selected user from the Banno platform.
    Tip: To view a notification, select the subject of the message you want to view.

    A list of items in a user's Notifications area