Sending money with Zelle®

Your financial institution must have SilverLake and a contract with JHA PayCenter to use Zelle®.
  1. Select a starting point.
    • Begin from the Accounts section of the dashboard.
    • Begin from the main menu.
  2. Select Send money with Zelle® > Send.
  3. If updated Terms & conditions appear, select Accept & continue.
  4. Search for and select a contact to send money to using the Select recipient screen.
    Select + Add a contact and complete the First name, Last name, and Email or phone number fields to add a contact to the list.
    Note: Banno considers adding new contacts to be a high-risk action and requires password verification to complete this action.
  5. On the Enter amount screen, type the amount you wish to send to the selected recipient.
  6. If desired, change the pay-from account by selecting From [Account name] and changing the selection on the Pay from screen.
  7. Select Review.
  8. If a savings account was selected to send funds from, then select Continue when the Regulation D Legal notice disclaimer appears.
    Tip: The Legal notice disclaimer is configurable by your FI by visiting Banno People > Settings > Transfers > Reg D.
  9. On the Review & send screen, select Send [amount].
    While the payment sends, a Processing payment screen appears.
  10. When the Payment sent confirmation screen appears, select Done to return to the Zelle® Activity screen.