The Activity screen shows actions that your end users have taken as well as actions taken on their behalf that affect their accounts.

You can access the Activity screen by visiting Users > Search > [User name] > Activity. You can filter the activity results by the type of event or by time range.

Note: Select a specific event to expand and view more details.

Activity filters

You can use the drop-down menu to filter your view by the following event types.

  • Money movement
    • ACH
    • Bill pay
    • Business
    • Credit card
    • Deposits
    • External transfers
    • Member transfers (for credit unions)
    • Positive pay
    • Transactions
    • Stop payments
    • Transfers
    • Wires
    • ZelleĀ®
  • User
    • Accounts
    • Add/delete users
    • Alert settings
    • Authentication
    • High-risk authentication
    • Single sign-ons
    • Cards
    • Consumers
    • Conversations
    • Devices
    • Digital provisioning
    • Documents
    • External accounts
    • Notifications
    • Permissions
    • Profile
    • Send code
    • Travel notices


If necessary, use the Export option to export a user's Activity time line information. The export downloads as a .csv file.