Marketing is a product that helps drive your financial institution's success with campaigns, advertisements, and user insights.

Serve better ads to your users within your website, inside digital banking, or both, while gathering detailed user insights. Within your website, Marketing monitors user interactions with a custom tracking code and uses the data to create a profile for each user. Marketing automatically delivers best-performing ads or fallback campaigns to new users until it collects more information. Then, as more data on user interactions within your site is gathered, Marketing automatically serves relevant ads to each user.

Inside digital banking, Marketing serves ads to your users. This allows you to deliver messaging through this channel and direct users to relevant information within the app, inside your website, or at an external URL. Marketing also allows you to attach user segments to a campaign for more precise pairing of your users with relevant ad content.

Finally, Marketing collects user data and presents it in easy-to-access graphs and reports.