Creating exports

Use these instructions to understand the process for creating an export in Banno Reports using the + Create request option.

  1. Select the + Create request option in the Exports section of the Banno Reports menu.
  2. In the Date range section, select the time range for the information you want in your export.
  3. To determine what information appears in your exports, select the check boxes within the Engagement, Money movement, Support, Settings, and Fraud sections as desired.
  4. When you've selected all the desired information for your exports, select Create exports.
    The Request received screen appears with the following message: It may take a bit to generate your request depending on how many exports are ahead of yours. We will email you at [email address] when we are done processing your request.
  5. Select OK.
When the exports are complete, they appear on the Exports screen in Banno Reports.