Full service credit card accounts

Banks using Jack Henry Full Service Credit Card can view account details, including loyalty rewards balance information.

If an end user views a credit card account with Full Service Credit Card, they can view the following details:

  • Account numbers
    • Routing number
    Note: For a single-entity insitution, the account number and the card number are the same. For separate-entity institutions, the account number is independent of the card number and multiple unique card numbers can appear under an account.
  • Payment information
    • Due date
    • Past due
    • Minimum due
      Note: After nightly batch processing, the minimum payment amount shown does take into account partial or full payments that have already been made.
    • Credit limit
    • Available credit
  • Activity
    • Last statement balance
    • Last statement date
  • Interest
    • Rate
  • Rewards
    • Rewards balance
    • Expiring rewards
    • Expiration date
    Note: The rewards balance is accumulated from all cardholders on the account, so other cards impact the loyalty balance.