Settings (for non-Banno or non-JHA websites)

Additional settings are available only for those using Banno Marketing on a non-Banno or non-JHA website.

Important information for institutions with a Banno or Jack Henry website

For a Banno or Jack Henry website, the following Settings information is only informational, as our developers use this section to generate your tracking codes and place them within your website for you. In other words, there is nothing you will ever need to do inside Settings in the Marketing navigation. We handle this setup for you when you have a Banno or Jack Henry Website!

Non-Banno and Non-Jack Henry websites

For a non-Jack Henry website, you can use the following information to generate your tracking codes internally and have your developers place them within your website.

Note: If you have questions about the Settings area or about your institution's implementation, create a jSource case on the For Clients site.

The tracking code gathers information about user behavior and interaction with your ads. The tracking code can also determine the most relevant ads according to each user's collected information. In this way, users can see ads that have been tailored to their behavior and interests as shown by their browsing behavior on your website.