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July 2022

Learn how to build plugins, search improvements, and more

Keeping it 💯!

Listen, I want to be as hip as the next old-guy dad, but do we have to keep everything 💯? I mean, the weather too? If we don't see the temperature drop soon, I might just belly flop into an ice bath and call it my new home.

Anyway, here's hoping you're staying cool during this heat wave and that your AC is cranked up enough to focus on our updates below!

Enhancement reminder • Online

Direct Connect: Early opt-in

During the Digital Meetup in May, we described how our Direct Connect feature will let users with an Intuit or Quicken desktop product authorize specific connections to their accounts. This feature increases the security for end users' accounts by adding two-factor authentication (2FA) to the connection process. To see the authentication process in action, check out our YouTube video!

We will be enabling this for all SilverLake, Core Director, and CIF 20/20 customers in September. To take advantage of the early-opt-in option we mentioned in the May statement, please contact our Support team and request that "Banno/Direct Connect Authentication" be enabled. We are always happy to help increase your users' account security!

Picture of Offline mode screen with Show status feature included.
Coming soon • Online & People

Show system status message

To help mitigate ticket volume for your staff when incidents creep up, we're leveraging offline mode to enhance system status messages. Soon, authorized personnel will have the option to create or edit a status message without needing to enter offline mode. Instead, admins can edit messages in advance, without disrupting users before it's necessary. Should an outage occur, an admin can pop into Banno People and flip on the Core offline toggle, which will immediately post your pre-written message indicating that a feature is unavailable.

Great, but what about sharing a proactive message like, “We’ll be closed Monday for the holiday,” you ask? Not a problem. These enhancements still leave you covered on that front, too. Along with the option to enter Core offline mode, admins will see a Show message to users toggle that makes it easy to edit your message and simply share it with users when ready (without entering offline mode). Whether sharing a proactive message or announcing an outage, users will see your message front-and-center on both their login screen and the dashboard.

Look for these improvements to hit Banno Online and People during August. And stay tuned next month, when we anticipate rolling out the same changes for Mobile.

Heads Up • Apps


This edition of reminders includes a couple of time-sensitive items you don't want to overlook.

Login audit reports

Remember, auditors! We start implementing the changes to Login audit reports on August 1, so please log in immediately to save any historical data preceding the last six months that you wish to retain.

FSCC payment enhancements

Last month we announced new enhancements to Full Service Credit Card (FSCC) payments, including the ability for your customers to enroll in autopay or to pay credit card balances with an external account.

These features are on track for release the week of August 21. If your financial institution doesn't want to offer these features, please submit a response to this opt-out form.

JackHenry.Dev self-serve onboarding

Your in-house developers can now create their own developer account on JackHenry.Dev, complete with the ability to access the Digital Toolkit, generate an external application, configure a plugin, and test their work in our Garden demo financial institution.

To learn more, see our instructional guide: Accessing the Digital Toolkit

Heads up • Digital Toolkit

Toolkit corner: Designing and developing plugins

Wondering how to design a plugin that feels like a seamless part of the Banno Dashboard for your users? Curious about software development considerations for your plugin project?

This new Toolkit guide from our Developer Relations team will help you create the next great plugin: Designing and Developing Plugins

Picture of the 'delete external transfer account' confirmation screen.
Coming soon • Banno People

Delete external transfer accounts

Many of you have reported that your administrators really need a way to remove users' external transfer accounts when necessary—especially in cases when the receiving financial institution identifies that an account does not belong to the sender. We've heard your pain, and we're working on the solution. Soon, admins will be able to handle this problem in People.

Once the feature is ready for release, they can open a user's profile and select an account for removal. When someone deletes a user's account, the corresponding activity event—including which admin removed the account—will be logged for future reference.

No support ticket is required to gain this feature, so barring any unanticipated setback, your staff should see the option to delete external transfer accounts toward the end of August.

Heads up • Knowledge Base & Help Center

Documentation updates

This month our documentation teams worked on updating guides related reports as well as Full Service Credit Card (FSCC) enhancements:

Picture of the new design for the user search results in Banno People.
Enhancement reminder • People

Improved user search results

We've nearly finished the improvements to user search results that we announced in the March 2022 statement, so agents will soon notice different details included in the results list when searching users in Banno People. Agents can still see all the same details by clicking the Overview tab on an individual user's profile; however, the search results list itself will no longer include the Phone column and the time of day (not the date itself) in the Last seen column.

Your team can anticipate seeing these updates in People within the first week or two of August.

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact Support.

Release notes are posted in the For Clients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.



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