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Digital Banking Platform

Your users are looking for institutions that are as tech savvy as they are.

Financial institutions no longer have a choice—user friendly banking is a must in today’s competitive market. Not 'mobile' banking. Not 'internet' banking. Not 'voice' banking. Just banking.


But we don’t think technology should be the deciding factor because technology isn’t personal.

The millennial generation may be the best and worst news for community financial institutions. They are loyal—not to brands—to people. They are driving a return to local, but live their digital, and often physical, lives trans-locally.

Go with them.

Mobile and Online

You can with Banno™.

Help your users:

Quickly view balances and activites
Easily pay their bills
Effortlessly transfer money
Stay in the know with alerts and notifications
Deposit checks from anywhere

Experience your users’ mobile app by downloading a demo.

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With our Digital Banking Platform, technology becomes the equalizer and your differentiator can be your service (again).

Banno People℠ allows for your customer support team to create digital relationships. Remember Veronica? She just had a baby and owns a dental practice in town. This is what matters.

Help your employees:

Understand your users better
Resolve issues faster
Manage user permissions in one place

It's the complete package.

Not only can you build relationships and provide your users a delightful experience, you can understand trends to make better decisions with Banno Reports™. Plus, we have one easy-to-use app to manage all employee permissions—managers, rejoice.

With this plan, you can make banking personal again.


Provide you a personal implementation expert.

Think of this person as your project concierge—someone who is easily accessible to answer all of your questions, coordinates work efforts, and ensures timely delivery.


Connect our software to your core and brand your app.

This is when the magic happens; our team goes to work on creating you an impressive digital solution.


Test to perfection.

Your team will get to test the product before we go live:—first impressions matter, and we don’t let anything out the door until it’s ready.


Help train your staff to use Banno People℠.

Rather than just providing your users with an excellent experience, we help you support them better with Banno People.

Todd Nagel, River Valley Bank River Valley Bank logo

Banno Mobile™ allows us to meet our customers’ demands for a mobile banking experience quickly and effortlessly. Our customers can log in, check account balances, transfer money, initiate P2P payments, and more, all with just one touch—something we couldn’t find anywhere else.