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Digital Banking

The most personal digital banking experience

In pursuit of providing the best user experience possible for your accountholders, we’ve elevated UX to be a top priority – not only for every feature but for every touchpoint our software has with another human.

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modern app meets human touch

Transform your digital banking experience with a modern user experience that feels like your financial institution and leverages the humanness and trust that sets you apart from the rest.

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Banno Conversations

Provide a service that no other digital banking solution can

You're there for accountholders in-branch – you always have been. Imagine giving them the same service, provided by the same tellers, securely over the digital channel, at their moment of need.

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Banno Connversations, customer chat tool

Authenticated chat

Users can initiate a secure conversation from anywhere, once logged in, and attach transactions, accounts, and files. Imagine starting a conversation directly from a transaction – the support rep already has the context they need to help.

Video chat & screen sharing

With secure video chat and screen sharing functionality in Banno, you can have in-depth conversations and quickly resolve those more complicated accountholder issues without needing to be in-person.

Conversations for business

Give your business users a single, secure place to discuss private information, attach sensitive files, and approve payments and wire transfers. They can even loop you into a conversation when they need clarification, review, or help making a transaction.

Security & authentication

defend against fraud

Fraud is top of mind for financial institutions everywhere, as it should be. Jack Henry knows the risk, and we spare no effort mitigating it.

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Banno Business

support small businesses every step of the way

When you choose Banno, you’re opting to meet small-to-midsize businesses where they’re at. With Banno Business, you have the optionality to activate features like user permissions, ACH payments, wire transfers, Autobooks, and positive pay at just the right time to accommodate growth and meet short term needs.

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Personal finance management

become the financial hub for your accountholders

We totally get it – being the center of your accountholder’s financial world is a big deal. That’s why we’ve partnered with Mastercard Finicity to offer external account connections, and acquired Geezeo to bring you advanced personal finance management. Our platform consolidates all of your users’ financial accounts in one convenient spot, making you their primary financial hub.

External account connection

Users can link to their third-party accounts to view their balances and recent transactions directly within the Banno app.

Transaction enrichment Coming soon

Our transaction enrichment engine automatically categorizes transactions and generates more readable names, whether users have accounts with your financial institution or external accounts connected via Finicity.

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Spending by category

Users can see all their spending sorted by category, and view detailed reports for each group. This makes it easy for users to see where their money is going and organize transactions in a way that works best for them.

Budget progress

Users can build a comprehensive monthly spending plan and keep track of their progress, all within the context of their bank accounts. They can also receive status alerts to help them stay on track.

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Embedded fintech

Build unique strategies

Jack Henry’s open banking platform seamlessly integrates sought-after fintech into your digital banking experience, giving you optionality as you build your strategy and differentiate yourself from other financial institutions. By adopting our platform, you transcend the limitations of a mere feature list and open yourself to all that is achievable.

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Back-office experience

providing exceptional support is a great experience too

Helping multiple people at once becomes a breeze with clear conversation statuses and the ability to assign each conversation to a teller, customer support rep, or loan officer. When six conversations come in at once, your employees can easily share the load and enter dialogues, confident about the conversation status and subject matter.

And streamlining your service just got easier. Instead of crafting a response from scratch, quickly and accurately send responses to your accountholders with AI, as if you were chatting with them yourself.

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