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August 2022

Support case management updates, improved Conversations push notifications, Finicity integration, and more

August is the eighth month, but the prefix Sept of September in Latin means seven. Weird, huh? Well, things are not quite as weird at Banno, and we’re moving forward like a well-oiled machine, no matter what Caesar Augustus would have to say. We hope your summer has been bright and airy and we can’t wait to bring you these updates!

Picture of the 'delete external transfer account' confirmation screen.
Coming Soon • Banno Support

Case management sidebar updates

Yep, even more updates in preparation for Banno Conversations for Business. If you sense a trend here, it means the big event is coming soon, too. 😉

To facilitate conversations involving multiple business users on the other end, we're making a few updates to the case management sidebar:

  • Coming soon for all end-users
    • To save some valuable real estate, we’ve reduced the user details available at-a-glance to only the most critical.
    • We’re adding a feature which will let you know if users have any other active conversations—enabling you to more efficiently triage duplicate questions.
    • We are also making several minor visual changes to maximize use of the available space.
  • Coming only to Banno Business users
    • Once Banno Business has rolled out broadly, you’ll have the ability to easily differentiate business users from retail and will be able to link directly to the organization profile in People.
    • When multiple business users are involved, there will be a dropdown at the top so you can view details for each user.

The features that will be released to everyone will be available within the next few weeks. The business-specific functionality will become available as Banno Business rolls out.

Coming Soon • Mobile & Online

NACHA compliance: Micro-entry rules

As a reminder, the new NACHA micro-deposit standard, which affects all financial institutions, will go into effect September 16, 2022.

For our credit union customers, action is required to establish a new group number for processing micro-deposits. We recently sent out an SLA with this form link to share your new group number with us. Please review the SLA and Symitar details for more information on how to set up your new group number.

For our bank customers, no action will be required.

For details on micro-deposits, including the new NACHA standards, check out the Micro-deposits article in the Knowledge Base.

Picture of the 'delete external transfer account' confirmation screen.
New Feature • Mobile & Online

Show system status message for Mobile

Both banks and credit unions will be glad to hear more about the enhancements we're making to Offline Mode.

Many of your users are banking through mobile. After all, we’re a society on the go. So when you’ve got something important to say, we want to make sure those users hear about it.

Therefore, we’ve expanded Offline Mode so the same alerts are visible in the mobile app. Anytime you share a message, whether it be a heads-up or a note that the system is down, your users will see the news at login and on their dashboard.

If your users access the app via a deep link and bypass either of those screens, we still have you covered! They’ll be notified of the alert through a pop-up dialog. This new feature will be available in Banno Mobile version 2.45, and you can catch the corresponding improvements to Offline Mode in Banno People in early September.

Heads Up • Banno People

Direct Connect rollout delayed

You're likely well familiar with the Intuit Direct Connect functionality we've announced in recent statements. While we're excited to release it for all financial institutions, we've decided to give customers more time to opt-in early while we make some minor improvements.

We will be delaying the rollout of this feature for all customers until November, but if you'd still like to opt-in early, please reach out to support requesting that "Banno/Direct Connect Authentication" be enabled. We would be happy to help you increase your users' account security!

Reminder: Direct Connect is only available to financial institutions that are contracted for NetTeller DirectLine products—including both our Partner Relationship Management (PRM) products and our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) products.

Heads up • Knowledge Base & Help Center

Documentation updates

We’re busy working to provide all things documentation once Banno Business rolls out. You’ll see docs surrounding wires, ACH, user management, and more!

We haven't forgotten about Banno Knowledge Base articles either, but you'll find links to those in their respective statement updates this month.

Picture of the 'delete external transfer account' confirmation screen.
Heads up • JackHenry.Dev

SymXchange API card on JackHenry.Dev

🎶 CU, say me. Say it together, naturally!

Good news for credit unions: If you want to integrate with the Symitar core, now you can easily access the SymXchange API documentation right from the JackHenry.Dev homepage!

The SymXchange API leverages web services to let credit unions, third-party vendors, and JHA products connect with the Episys database.

Heads Up • Platform

Banno Business update

We know many of you have been eagerly anticipating this update: Banno Business is officially in beta with our first financial institution, and we’re working on getting additional financial institutions configured. Onward and upward from here!

Our ever-growing beta feature list includes:

  • Viewing and editing user entitlements via user management
  • ACH batch upload, free-form creation, editing, deletion, initiation, and more
  • Free-form domestic wire creation, editing, deletion, initiation, and more
  • Uploading and approving checks with positive pay is right around the corner
  • Much more hitting each month

As a reminder, this is currently a closed beta and we have already identified our first few financial institutions. We will continue providing updates on next steps here and in other channels. Stay tuned!

Heads Up • Banno Mobile

Conversations push notification update

To better serve business users when we release Banno Conversations for Business, we’re making a small change to the verbiage used for our Conversations push notifications. The pushes will now include slightly more information about those participating in the conversation. The impact of this change will be minor for now, but it should help business users greatly when Conversations for Business rolls out.

Your users will start seeing the updated push notification verbiage in early September; no configuration changes are necessary.

Partner update • Banno People

External apps for Finicity® and other aggregation partners

We're excited to announce that we have rolled out our Finicity integration for all financial institutions, making Fincity's hundreds of partner apps available as external applications that your end-users can elect to adopt and manage in Banno.

To learn what they can see in Banno Apps and changes that your authorized admins will see in People and in Users & Groups, check out the Data aggregators Knowledge Base article, which addresses details about all our data aggregation partners, including Finicity.

For a refresher on the Finicity release plan we shared in the April statement, please click the Implementation Plan button below:

Heads up • Digital Toolkit

Toolkit Corner: Launching your project

If you’re building a plugin (or having someone else build one for you), we’ve published a series of guides that can help you launch your project. Each of these guides includes resources that may be helpful for that specific phase of your project:

  • Design Your Plugin: This guide covers some critical things to consider when designing a plugin.
  • Organize Your Integration: This guide covers some things to consider documenting (which is especially useful if you have someone else building the plugin for you).
Heads Up • Platform reminders


Here are a few reminders about other recent announcements:

Delete external transfer accounts

Administrators can now remove users' external transfer accounts. As of August 25, your staff should be seeing the deletion option in People.

To learn more, view the Deleting external accounts section in our External transfers article.

Off-cycle loan transfers for credit unions

We communicated previously the release of off-cycle loan transfers to our credit unions. Since that time, we’ve seen some cases with questions regarding configuration requirements and job prompts.

In response, we've added a new Configuration for off-cycle loan transfers section to our Internal loan transfers article.

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact Support.

Release notes are posted in the For Clients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.



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