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Business Banking

an ecosystem built for business success

Here at Jack Henry, our goal is to make it possible for your financial institution to assemble a powerful business banking offering that’s capable of beating out the big guys. Between our available business services we have everything you’ll need to maintain your existing client relationships, build new ones, and equip your end users with the tools to get the job done.

Business banking for all

serve the whole business spectrum

What businesses need from their banking service varies widely – there's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Whether you're working with an entrepreneurial small business owner or a multi-million dollar company with a dedicated finance team, you can meet them where they are with the appropriate tools. We offer two business banking solutions that compliment one another – Banno Business, and JHA Treasury Management – and when they're combined, you'll be more than ready to cover the gamut of business requirements.

banno business, just right for small to midsize bussiness.

A scalable solution for businesses of all sizes

Banno Business

Banno Business is designed to provide a stellar banking experience where small-to-medium-sized businesses can feel at home. The interface mirrors a retail account using Banno, and users can even quickly switch between their personal and business profiles within Banno. By enabling features as a business needs them, you can give accountholders the tools their business requires without forcing them into an overly complex solution. Accountholders will even get access to Banno Conversations for Business – our secure channel for communication, collaboration, and coordination.

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A comprehensive solution for large business banking

JHA Treasury Management

Treasury Management is designed specifically with your biggest business users in mind. This stand-alone platform takes business banking to the next level, providing complex businesses with tools to match. Give them efficient payment processing (everything from your typical ACH, wire, and bill payments, to international and bulk upload options), powerful account overview and reporting services, world-class security and fraud mitigation, fine-tuned user management, triple approval layers, and more – all in a highly customizable dashboard.

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Treasury Management Dashboard on a tablet

An unbeatable duo

which product do I need?

We believe that in order for community financial institutions to be truly competitive they need both Banno Business and Treasury Management in their arsenal. When you offer both products, you are able to cover the entire spectrum of business banking needs. Banno Business is designed for your business customers who may be overwhelmed by the advanced settings and features that Treasury Management offers, delivering a delightful, familiar interface with just‐right functionality. Offering Treasury will attract your largest clientele, who require robust functions beyond Banno Business, and have staff who spend most of their day working in the tool.

meet business needs like never before

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