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A back office built for building relationships

Banno has crowned its unified back office with Conversations, an authenticated, core-connected chat system, so your employees can still talk life with your accountholders - and provide service in the moment of need - making digital feel more like face-to-face.


Make human connection paramount

To know and be known is the manifestation of community. Banno People is a CRM tool designed to help you keep up with your community and easily manage accountholder details, even as branch visits get fewer and farther between.

  • View accounts and history

  • Manage user permissions

  • Communicate at scale

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Banno People on laptop Banno People on laptop

Chat directly and securely with accountholders the moment they need you


Help multiple people at once – and do it stress – free

With Banno Support, you can help people at the moment they need you – totally bypassing the bottleneck of lines, call tickets, and phone tag.

Completely secure

Conversations, an authenticated chat system and attachment share-er, lets you and your support team quickly and securely acknowledge needs as they come in and get to resolution faster.


Completely Secure

Easy to manage

Because Conversations facilitates asynchronous communication, you really can help multiple people at once. And with clear conversation statuses and the ability to assign conversations, it’s easy to manage multiple open conversations as a team, slashing time to resolution.

Easy to Manage

Customize your support workflow

Fine-tune the way Support works for you and your team. Set the hours you’re available, create automated workflows, and more.

Support hours

Set the hours you offer support, the days you’re closed, holiday closings, and custom messages that display during and after hours to indicate how soon a user can expect a response from you.

Saved replies

Create and edit saved replies so your team can quickly and consistently respond to common questions and probems. Each reply is editable within a conversation before sending, so responses feel tailored to each user.

Automated rules

Define rules that automatically perform specific actions to organize conversations. For example, you can create a flow for messages recieved containing the word “fraud” to automatically be tagged and sent to your security team.


Organize your inbox by tagging conversations to help search, filter, and add clarification for your team. Some conversations, like those with forms attached, are automatically tagged for your convenience.

The only digital banking platform that offers secure, core-connected personal chat.
Manage several chats without breaking a sweat.
View attachments like transactions, files, and payments shared by accountholders from within a conversation


Step inside their reality

These real-time chats make your support team heroic first responders, because they arrive in context of the reality your accountholders are experiencing.

With full visibility of their account activity, assurance that they’re fully authenticated, and the ability to share and view transactions, payments, and files in chat, you can talk candidly about what’s going on without giving them the lets-make-sure-it’s-you rigmarole.

And soon, you’ll be able to accept completed forms as attachments. It’s like you’re there with them.

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Manage all tools in one workspace

Gone are the days when branch employees sifted through third-party service systems to resolve issues or change a configuration.

Because Banno has made the back office fully API-enabled, employees can sit in the context of the human they’re serving to get a complete picture of their history and activity as well as reconfigure integrations for that person (or all your accountholders) – all in one spot.

We’ve flipped the paradigm from tool-first to people-first.

Learn More About What It Means To Be API-Enabled

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