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March 2022

EULA acceptance updates & changes to Google’s advertising policy

"Spring is the time of plans and
projects." —Leo Tolstoy

Look, I'm not claiming I ever made it all the way through Anna Karenina, but I can grab a CliffsNotes quote like nobody's business. With March delivering a turn of the seasons, Mr. Tolstoy's take on spring struck me as right on the money. Why? Because we're using the extra sunlight to keep truckin' along with all the well-laid plans and projects we can handle!

Screenshot of Banno's soon-to-come EULA acceptance screen.
Coming Soon • Online & Mobile

EULA acceptance updates

In our next release (Mobile version 2.40), we’ll be updating the way users accept the Banno terms of service. Rather than seeing a confirmation dialog after hitting Accept, users will remain on the EULA screen to confirm their choice.

While this change is minor, the new flow streamlines the process and leaves the terms in view, so users can double check the details and then confidently confirm their acceptance.

Heads Up • Online & Mobile

Google's advertising policy changes

Good news! You can check off at least one task on your to-do list today, as there's no action necessary to remain in compliance with the advertising policy changes that Google has slated to take effect in April.

While you may have received an email from Google that included a list of action items, the related policy changes don't affect the Banno Android app. As noted in the announcement from Google Play, these changes impact apps that are "primarily directed to children."

Since there's no need to open a support case regarding Google's policy changes, we invite you to instead mark that would-be task complete, and then kick back for a few minutes to enjoy a well-deserved breather.

Heads up • Digital Toolkit

Toolkit corner

The Toolkit team is always looking for ways to make using our APIs and frameworks easier on your in-house developers. Their latest offering centers on the Banno Plugin Framework.

To learn how you can Extend the Banno UI with the Plugin Framework, watch our new, improved, and up-to-date demo video, which covers these key topics:

Ready to check out the video? Please visit JackHenry.Dev and click the Watch the Plugins demo button in the header.

Heads Up • Apps


We've got just a couple of reminders for you this time around.

Support for users with many accounts

We've updated the Account Settings view in Banno Mobile and added logic to improve the transactions retrieval experience for users with over 20 accounts displayed. For details, see our previous statement and/or the "Users with many accounts" section in our guide to transactions.

Expectations for Digital Toolkit support

To provide real-time answers and as much help as possible for 3rd-party developers, our Developer Relations team hosts monthly Digital Toolkit Office Hours. For a refresher on other options, revisit the February statement and click the Toolkit Support button in the lower-left corner.

Screenshot of the User Search results layout changes in Banno Online.
Coming soon • Online & Mobile

Enhancing user search results in People to support Banno Business

In an effort to better support our Banno Business customers in the future, soon you'll notice minor changes to how user search results are displayed in People. We're removing a couple of details from the results list that provide less value than we'd like. Examples include the Phone column and the time of day (not the date itself) in the Last seen column.

No need to worry about losing those details altogether, though! You'll still see them on the individual user's Overview tab. Cutting nonessential info from the search results list, however, will leave room for new columns to help your employees easily distinguish among retail users, business users, and businesses (once Banno Business is released).

Heads up • Knowledge Base & Help Center

Documentation updates

Don't miss our latest documentation updates for financial institution employees:

  • Send money with Zelle®: Learn the finer points involved when sending or requesting payments with Zelle.
  • Two-factor authentication: Get familiar with the gritty details 2FA involves, including important info regarding how your financial institution's 2FA enrollment validation options could impact international users.
  • Card management: Read about the host of features you can offer that give users granular control over their debit & credit cards.

Check out our newly updated Banno Help Center user guides as well:

Screenshot of Banno's recently updated Payments navigation buttons.
Heads up • Online & Mobile

Changes to Payments navigation

Banno Mobile will soon reflect the navigation changes recently rolled out for Banno Online. The changes, which lay the foundation for Banno Business work still to come, will give users with three or more payment entitlements a quicker, one-stop Payments dropdown menu from which they can manage all payment types they have enabled. For example, if a user has Approve ACH, Approve Wires, and Bill Pay, these will be nested in the new Payments menu.

Once Banno Business is live later this year, additional related payment options will include Positive pay, ACH, and Wires. Users with two or fewer payment entitlements will still see their payment type/s labeled as expected in the main menu. For example, as seen above, if a user has only Bill pay enabled, they will see a Bill pay button in the nav bar rather than a Payments dropdown.

Important: We also want to clarify a remark from last month’s statement that raised some questions regarding how soon users will see these changes. Please note that if a user has three or more payment entitlements enabled currently, they will see the Payments dropdown menu now, irrespective of the Banno Business release later this year.

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact Support.

Release notes are posted in the For Clients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.



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