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More power to you

With Banno, you have the power to get your message across to the right people at the right time –anywhere on your digital channel.

Banno matches your website visitors with content and ads relevant to them. And guess what? Producing content—and getting it to look great – is so easy that anyone on your marketing team can handle it.

Signed-in and signed-out marketing

Banno is breaking down the wall that exists between your marketing website and your digital banking solution – what we refer to as the authentication wall. Once a user has signed in to digital banking, you can go with them into their signed-in experience.

Powerful, beautiful, and smart

Our in-banking ads are designed to look and feel integrated and contextual, preventing your promotions from feeling intrusive or out-of-place.

And because you’ll know who your users are (they have authenticated themselves), you can be sure you’re only presenting products and services that are relevant to them.

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An ad builder for all

Producing beautiful campaigns that drive account opening is so easy that people of all skill levels can do it.

Banno Marketing’s ad builder lets you drop in an image and add text, all while seeing your changes real-time. Color and font choices are automatically configured to match your website and digital banking experience, so you know that the ads you put out there will stay professional and on-brand.

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Tools built with you in mind

We’ve worked to understand and create the tools that financial institutions need to propel their marketing efforts forward.

White-label ads

Get digital banking ads out quickly and beautifully with optional preset ads that include photos, headlines, and content. Just choose an ad that fits your campaign, edit the details of your offering, and your ad it ready in no time.

Smart links

Each ad includes a call-to-action (CTA) link that allows users to click through to your offer. Within digital banking, you can also link your CTA to third-party apps, so users who are already logged in can launch the offer right from your ad with their information already filled in.

Powerful insights

Dive deep into the data with near-real-time analytics to see how your campaigns and specific ads are performing to improve your digital marketing strategy. You can even send data to your customer relationship management program for even greater descriptive power.

Perfect placement

After you’ve built your ads with Banno Marketing, seamlessly place them on your site with our content management tool, Banno Content. As you’re building out pages, you can designate certain areas of the page for ads that flow perfectly with the content you’re writing about. And for your signed-in experience, Marketing takes care of placement for you since we already know who is logged in.

Static website ads

Do you have a new product that you want everyone to know about? Place a specific ad on the homepage for all your visitors to see.

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Dynamic website ads

Rotate through different promotions relevant to each user by placing a dynamic ad. Banno Marketing will display ads related to each user’s individual interests based on their browsing patterns on your site.

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Signed-in ads

For digital banking users, ad placement is already built in. You build your ads, and we’ll tie them seamlessly into the dashboard, across both your mobile and online experiences.

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Precision timing

When should your ads display to which users? Banno Marketing does the heavy lifting by recognizing new and returning users on your website and consistently engaging visitors by showing relevant ads based on actions taken. Within your signed-in experience, ads are served up to the right person at the right time, since the system knows who is using it.

Website visitor recognition

Banno Marketing is always keeping tabs on the topics a visitor is interested in, based on what they’ve clicked. You can tag your ads with those topics, so the user can see ads relevant to the content they have viewed in the past.

And if your user shows interest in an offering by clicking, Banno recognizes the user and adds them to a labeled database, giving you the ability to use the data gathered to market to them outside of Banno’s platform.

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Fallback website campaigns

Your best-performing ads are automatically displayed to your website visitors, but for new visitors and prospective accountholders, you can control their first impressions and decide which ads are shown to them first by designating specific campaigns as “fallback campaigns.”

Banno Marketing will detect if this is a users’ first time on your site and serve up an ad from your fallback campaign, so they don’t miss an offer that’s just for them.

Signed-in user segmentation

Once your users are signed in, Marketing can target specific segments within campaigns, because it recognizes who the user is. Banno Marketing can even tell you who has clicked on and viewed your ads.

You can also drag-and-drop a CSV file of your own leads, or leverage the contact information of your existing accountholders to create segments and serve ads to specific groups of people once they’ve signed in.

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