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Turn website visitors into loyal customers

As an enhancement to your website, Banno Marketing delivers targeted ad campaigns based on people’s behavior across your site. Detailed analytics will show you which campaigns are working and who’s clicking on what so your marketing team can track results and make data-driven decisions.

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Key features

Dynamically deliver targeted ads

Enable a campaign and your ads will be placed on the appropriate pages and will automatically shuffle across your website based on a user’s clicking behavior.

Campaign analytics

Know the success of your ads with stats like goal pageviews, first-time visitors, returning visitors, click-through rate and best performing ads.

Custom report builder

Create your own custom reports and export them to a CSV file.

Campaign management

Keep ads organized in campaigns for an additional layer of statistics and categorization.

Create ads

Create ads through a variety of ways: upload an image, create a text-based ad or supply HTML source code.

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