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June 2022

Self-serve developer onboarding, V2 ads for marketing websites, ESI API integration, & additional NuDetech features

Help Me, Dumbledorus Rex - You're My Only Hope

What a great summer so far! New Obi-Wan Kenobi series and new movies for Fantastic Beasts and Jurassic World. I'm having trouble deciding how to answer the door these days: Can I use the green lightsaber before Labor Day? Does my wand match my shoes? Do I have enough time to inflate the T-Rex costume?

We're busy geeking out here at Banno too—better grab some popcorn and settle in for this month's updates.

Heads up • People

Naming External applications

To avoid confusion when Banno Business is released later this year, we're reserving the names of Banno Business features for the navigation menu.

This change impacts which names we will support for external applications moving forward. While you can still use custom names for your external application, attempting to enter any of these six terms in the Name field will cause an error: ACH or ACHs, Wire or Wires, and Payment or Payments

Chances are this change raises some concerns, but these user experience (UX) precautions should alleviate any anxiety:

Banno Marketing V2 ads for websites.
Enhancement • Banno Marketing

V2 Ads for Marketing websites

Soon, Banno Marketing will see some design updates to the templates list. Your templates and the global templates will be housed together in a single list, and you can use the new Global or Your templates filters to narrow the list.

Rather than hiding or showing templates with a toggle switch, you can also now perform that action from the dropdown menu to the right. Finally, while editing a template, you will see a new preview-width slider so you can preview responsive templates at different sizes.

Heads up • Reports

Update to the All Conversations export

To lay part of the groundwork for releasing Conversations for Business, we're adding some details to our existing “All Conversations” export within Banno ReportsSM.

The changes you’ll notice right away are two new columns at the end of the export: Conversation ID and Organization ID. Once we have multiple organization users in a conversation, these identifiers will help you to keep your data straight and know which users were a part of which conversation.

While you won’t see multiple organization users in a conversation for a little while, these new columns will start showing up within the next couple of weeks.

Enhancement • JHA Full Service Credit Cards (FSCC)

Enhancements to FSCC payments

We’re excited to announce some really great updates for all banks with Full Service Credit Cards (FSCC). Coming next month, we’ll be introducing two new ways to pay your credit card statements:

  • Recurring payments: Autopay allows the opportunity to select an internal or external checking or savings account, and automatically post the payment each month on the payment date.
  • External payments: Allow your customers to use an active checking or savings external payment source to make a payment.

We will be rolling this out for all Full Service Credit Card customers to date in late July and early August. If you do not want these new enhancements, please complete this short form indicating that you do not want to participate.

We know that many of you have been asking for these updates, and we can't wait to get them in your hands.

Heads up • Knowledge Base & Help Center

Documentation updates

Our documentation team was mostly focused on guides for new and upcoming features this month, so we've got just a couple of updated articles to share:

  • Form builder: Check out details about the recently added reCAPTCHA feature for the Banno Content form builder.
  • Export Reports ~ Security: The entire article is worth a read; however, you can use the link provided to jump to the updated Security info.
Jack Henry Digital Toolkit, developer dashboard.
New Feature • Digital Toolkit & Online

Toolkit Corner: Self-serve onboarding for third-party developers

As we announced earlier this year, the Jack Henry Digital Toolkit team has been hard at work overhauling the (formerly) cumbersome JackHenry.Dev onboarding process, which often left developers waiting for access until we could manually create their API credentials. Today, we can officially report that we've knocked down that speed bump.

Developers can now take our new DIY onboarding path to create Banno API credentials—complete with access to a developer dashboard and a new user account for our Garden demo financial institution, which they can use for testing.

Ready to get your hands on the Digital Toolkit and start building? This new guide will light the way: Accessing the Digital Toolkit

Heads up • Reports

Login audit reports

As part of our upcoming effort to revamp our reports, we will be making some changes to the Login audit reports. To date, customers have been able to pull data for any date range. Going forward, as we work to improve these and our other reports, we will be limiting the range for this specific report to pull only the last six months of data.

Attention auditors!

Implementation begins August 1st, so please log in and grab any historical data preceding the last six months that you wish to retain.

Heads up • Online & Mobile

Electronic Statements - Interactive (ESI) API integration

Many of you will recall that we’ve been beta testing our API integration with ESI for documents enrollment and listing for some time now, and we’re finally ready to say we’re set to extend it to any bank who wants it.

The API integration allows for a more consistent user experience augmented with capabilities native to each operating system—something highly constrained with an SSO. The Documents view is highly filterable, enabling your users to find exactly what they’re after. You can read up on all the details in our knowledge guide: ESI API integration

NuDetect settings screen in Banno People.
Enhancement • Mobile & Online

NuDetect: Block user at login config

Mastercard NuDetect customers will soon have yet another powerful way to prevent fraud. Once the configuration is available (early next month), your financial institution can block high scores on logins. Along with triggering 2FA, this new configuration can help reduce attempts at highjacking an account right from the start. This configuration and score should only be set for traffic that's obviously fraudulent.

In the unlikely event that a legitimate user is blocked, there’s no way to manually unblock the individual. Instead, the user would need to lower their NuDetect score over time. As a failsafe option, a financial institution admin could increase all users’ score in the NuDetect settings in People.

Heads Up • Banno Platform


Here are a couple reminders from recent statements, plus an important note about Digital Meetup dates:

  • Short codes: We've begun the process of enabling short codes for all financial institutions, and the change will be reflected in People once the process is complete.
  • Digital Meetup dates: Due to a holiday and other scheduling conflicts, two upcoming Digital Meetup dates have been moved to the third Friday of the month: August 19, 2022 and November 18, 2022

Important correction!
In a previous version of this statement (viewable June 31 - July 6), the list above included an errant reminder about the timing and availability of the Manage support settings permission checkbox we described in the May statement. The new Support permission will be available soon; however, it's release target is later this summer.

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact Support.

Release notes are posted in the For Clients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.



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