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May 2022

New full service credit card features, reCaptcha for Form Builder, & new videos on

Shorts, flip flops, and hot dogs for all!

Summer is drawing near, and I am already craving that extra vitamin D that I am sure we all need so badly.

While the days have gotten longer, the time only continues to fly by. As always, though, our Digital team is working like a bunch of busy bees to produce all the sweetness we can for you! Here’s a look at what we have to buzz about this month.

New Feature • Online & Mobile

Separate entity support for Full Service Credit Cards

Great news for SilverLake and CIF 20/20 financial institutions that offer JHA Full Service Credit Cards (FSCC)! We're happy to announce Separate entity credit card support for JHA Full Service Credit Card customers. When Banno Mobile version 2.42 hits the app stores in early June, your users can start managing their own cards separately from the account owner's.

This change will also let your financial institution accomplish more for users:

  • Disable a single card without impacting other cards on the account
  • Support separate expiration dates for each card
  • Eliminate the need to perform an account transfer for lost cards
  • Support card activation at the card level

Contact sales to learn more.

New Feature • Online & Mobile

Credit card controls for FSCC

Available now for Separate entity customers*, credit card controls give your users the ability to self-service when life happens. With Banno Mobile 2.42, users can do more to manage their cards on the run:

  • Report a lost card and indicate potential fraud
  • Re-order a card that's ready to expire
  • Activate a new card, simply and securely

*Currently, only Separate entity customers qualify for this feature.

New Feature • Online & Mobile

MyCardRules: FSCC only support

Today, MyCardRules is available to both CPS debit and FSCC customers. Previously, however, FSCC customers were required to be debit card customers as well. With Banno Mobile 2.42, we're removing the debit card dependency and allowing FSCC-only customers the ability to offer MyCardRules.

Heads Up • Apps


Don't forget these goodies from recent statements:

Finicity® integration

We're rolling out our Finicity integration for all financial institutions later this summer, making Fincity's hundreds of partner apps available as external applications that your users can elect to adopt and manage in Banno.

For details, revisit our implementation plan in the April statement.

Changes to in-house credit card transactions

To provide more useful descriptions for in-house credit card transactions, we've placed key info (like the merchant or retailer details) front and center, as seen in this example:

STARBUCKS 5853 614-575-3742 OH Date 11/28/21 04445710000067768677680 5411 Loan Advance Credit Card Visa Platinum

2FA short codes for the world

Remember when we announced that we would eventually enable short codes for all financial institutions to improve how our two-factor authentication (2FA) login codes are delivered? That time has arrived, and you can expect your users to start receiving 2FA codes via the short code at some point during June. No support case or further action required.

Heads up • Knowledge Base & Help Center

Documentation updates

See what's new or improved in Banno Knowledge:

  • Reports: Along with a few new FAQs, now our engagement and export documentation includes an in-depth description of the fields you’ll find on downloaded reports.
  • Marketing: Need a refresher on what your financial institution can do with Banno Marketing? Learn how to start a campaign, build ads, use templates, and read the audience break down.
  • Permissions: See a breakdown of all the permissions available to Groups in Banno Enterprise as well as our Best Practices Guide, which now includes additional guidance on how to manage permissions for your team.

We also updated our Creating a Banno Mobile account user guide.

Coming soon • Support

Support settings permission

Very soon, we will be adding some granularity to how admins grant employee permissions for Banno SupportSM. Before long you will notice a Manage support settings permission checkbox under the Support section of Users & Groups.

This new permission will let you lock down access so only approved employees can edit support settings. The added layer of control should hopefully give your financial institution additional confidence to extend the use of Banno ConversationsSM to personnel across departments.

Hang tight for a follow-up announcement with more details as we approach release.

Heads Up • Online & Mobile

Change internal loan transfer type: CU

In last month's statement we announced that the Change internal loan transfer type: CU project will give your members the option to complete internal loan transfers on delinquent loans, which had not been possible due to limitations with Share Transfer records. To knock down the barrier, we've implemented the new (9) Off Cycle transfer type and can now access the Loan Transfer records needed to support internal transfers on delinquent loans.

These changes will go live with Banno Mobile 2.42. Once you've worked with your SymXchange contact to ensure that the required operations (searchLoanTransferPagedSelectFields, createLoanTransfer, and updateLoanTransferByID) are enabled and everything follows the SymXchange blueprint, members will be able to create internal loan transfers on delinquent loans. Your employees will then see these loan transfers in People along with the specific member’s other transfers.

We also heard from a couple folks during the Digital Meetup who do not want to use the new (9) Off Cycle transfer type. As communicated in the SLA we sent to our credit unions, if you would like to opt out of this functionality, please complete this short survey (by June 10, 2022).

Coming Soon • Security

Direct Connect security improvement

In case you missed our quarterly webinar this month, there’s a new security feature on the way for SilverLake customers in September. Our Direct Connect feature—for consumers who use an Intuit or Quicken desktop product—will let users authorize specific connections to their accounts, effectively blocking all other related connections. This will increase the security for your users’ accounts by establishing a two-factor authentication (2FA) requirement before they can connect an Intuit or Quicken desktop product to Banno.

We will enable Direct Connect for SilverLake financial institutions automatically during September. If you’re interested in opting in sooner, check out the Forget-Me-Nots section in the June statement for info on early adoption.

New Feature • Content & Marketing

reCaptcha for Form Builder

Bots be gone! Ever get tired of bots spamming your websites and filling your inbox with junk? With our new feature reCaptcha (a Google fraud detection service) for Form Builder, your CMS sites now have the ability to distinguish between humans and bots on our websites. This feature has been turned on for all of our CMS customers, so start enjoying less spam today!

Heads up • Digital Toolkit

Toolkit Corner: new videos on JackHenry.Dev

Wondering how to build a plugin? Curious how other financial institutions and fintechs have used the Banno Digital ToolkitSM to build tools for use in Banno? Our Developer Relations team has you covered.

Watch the latest videos on the JackHenry.Dev homepage to learn more about building plugins and to get firsthand accounts from the companies that have built innovative solutions using the Toolkit.

🇺🇸 Finally, a moment of thanks 🇺🇸

We hope you and yours enjoyed a safe Memorial Day weekend. Though the celebration has ended, we'd be remiss not to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of those who have given their lives while serving our country. —your friends at Banno

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact Support.

Release notes are posted in the For Clients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.



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