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Consumer apps

Banno Apps™


Connected to Jack Henry Banking® and Symitar® cores for lightning fast data retrieval.
Banno Mobile and Online

Native apps for iOS and Android

Truly native apps providing a superior experience on phones and tablets. Minimum versions are iOS 9 and 4.1x (API level 16).
Banno Mobile

Convenient, secure access

Use fingerprint authentication or a 4-digit passcode to quickly, securely access the app.
Banno Mobile

Switch users New

Easily switch between signed-in profiles and get full access to all mobile features for each of your accounts.
Banno Mobile

View balances

Balance and summary information for DDA/share, credit and loan accounts.
Banno Mobile and Online

Search for transactions

Fluid search that filters transactions as the user types. Filter additionally by tag or account.
Banno Mobile and Online

Transaction details

Add tags, notes and images to give transactions more context. View check images as well.
Banno Mobile and Online

Transfer funds

Effortlessly initiate one-time, future date or repeating transfers.
Banno Mobile and Online

Make payments

Through our integration with iPay, users can add the bills or people they want to pay and send funds.
Banno Mobile and Online

Deposit a check

Through integrations with EPS Remote Deposit Anywhere, Vertifi, Bluepoint or Digiliti Money, users can deposit checks from their device.
Banno Mobile

View check images

View check images from in-branch, ATM or RDC deposits
Banno Mobile

Alerts and push messages

Push notifications for low-balances, deposits, payments and marketing messages you send to your users.
Banno Mobile

Card controls

Quickly suspend a card or report it lost or stolen. Re-order an expired card and activate it when it arrives.
Banno Mobile and Online
Banks only

Branch and ATM locations

Provide your branch and ATM locations so users can find you on the map.
Banno Mobile

Contact info and support

Provide contact information and list support hours so users know where and when to find you.
Banno Mobile

Enterprise tools

Banno People™

User profile details

Displays information directly from your core including name, address, phone, username, email, SSN, birthday, age and demographics.

Recent transactions

View a complete list of transactions across the user’s accounts including transfers and payments.

Transaction search

Search through a user’s transactions by dollar amount, merchant name or account.

Account details

View all the details pertaining to a user’s accounts including account name, account number, balance and loan details.

Activity timeline

See all the actions a user has taken. Includes detailed event logging that can be exported to a CSV file.


See all the notifications (alerts and messages) that have been sent to your users.


Manage a user’s permissions with controls for remote deposit capture, bill pay, card management, transfers and devices.


Search for a user by name, email, username or NetTeller® Online Banking™ ID.


Create and schedule in-app messages to be sent to all users. Messages can include text, images and links while being sent via push notification.

Remote deposit capture requests

Manage access to remote deposit capture by approving users who have requested the feature in app.

Banno Reports™

App usage report

Easily understand active users, total users, new signups, retention and average logins by time of day.

Bill pay report

Get details including amount of money moved, number of active users, average payment amount, average amount per day and average amount per user.

Transfers reports

See data about money moved, number of active users, average transfer amount, average amount per day and average amount per user.

Remote deposit capture report

Insights about amount of money deposited, number of active users, percentage of total users enrolled, average deposit amount, average amount per day and average amount per active user.


Export a CSV list of user information for each report type.

Banno Settings™


Groups are the categories you use to determine which employees have access to features, applications and various permissions inside Banno.


Shows the employees you’ve added to Banno along with the groups they belong to.

Invite employees

Easily give employees access to Banno by sending them an email invite.

Website products

Banno CMS™

Audit trail

View the changes made to your website and see who is making them.

Asset management

Upload assets to use on your website and apply labels to make them easy to find later.

Retrieve and manage forms

Keep track of the forms you collect from your website and archive them when you’re done. You can also export them to a PDF, Excel or CSV file.

Integrate ATM and branch locations

With our interactive maps you can make sure your users can find where you are and where they can access their money with your ATMs.

Create new pages

Keep control of the content on your site and add pages whenever you need to.

WYSIWYG editor

Our WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor makes it easy for anyone on your team who is given appropriate permissions to update the content on your website.

Add and edit images

Place images on your website and edit them to fit exactly where needed.

Add or remove links

Hyperlink text and images so getting around your site is easy and convenient for your users.

Scheduled publishing

Make changes to your site even if you aren’t ready to publish—schedule changes to go live at a later date.

Publishing approvals

Allow certain users to edit your content and require approval before the changes go live.

Menu builder

Add, edit and remove links to the menus throughout your site.

Dynamic rates

Keep your rates up to date in one place and use dynamic links to place rates throughout your site—rates will update automatically whenever your rates change.

Insert and edit tables

Use our table editor to manage the tables on your website.

Banno Marketing™


Understand your advertising success with stats like goal pageviews, first-time visitors, returning visitors, click-through rate and best performing ads.

Audience overview

See if users are visiting your website from desktop, tablet or mobile devices.


Keep your ads organized in campaigns for an additional layer of statistics and categorization.

Ad stats

Review the performance of all ads across your site to see what’s working and hide the ads that are not.

Ad tags

Using tags with your ads will control where they automatically get placed into your content.


Create your own custom reports and export them to a CSV file.

Online banking association

Once a user logs into your online banking site we’ll associate that username with their browsing habits—giving you a better idea of who they are and what they’re doing.

Banno Monitor™

Changes in content

Monitor will watch over the content on your website to help limit unauthorized changes being made.

Malicious content

Monitor will watch over your site for malware or links to phishing scams.

Broken assets

Make sure your site doesn’t have any missing assets like images, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Identify broken links

Know that every link on your site will successfully lead your users to where they want to go.

Snapshot history

View and browse your website from any point in time that a scan was run in the past.

Check DNS and SSL

Monitor helps keep track of expired certificates or unwanted changes to your DNS records or SSL certificates.

Email notifications

Get alerts when Monitor finds a problem with your site and receive reports as often as you need.

Maintenance events

If you ever need to make certain changes to your site that would trigger an alert you can schedule a maintenance event to avoid false alarms.

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