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Curious about recently released features? Discover what's new on our digital banking platform.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting New & Noteworthy

Access digital banking analytics about your users to make better informed decisions and target marketing campaigns with Google BigQuery.

Data & Reporting Coming soon

Card Issuance & Provisioning New & Noteworthy

Allow users a simple and secure way to automatically add cards to their digital wallet right from your financial institution’s app.

Payments & Cards Coming soon

Check Exceptions New & Noteworthy

Quickly and efficiently handle batches of check exceptions, rather than individually approving or rejecting each check.

Treasury Management

Delete External Transfer Accounts New & Noteworthy

Delete external checking and savings accounts on behalf of your users through Banno People's back office.

Deposits & Transfers

Manage Permissions Segments New & Noteworthy

Allow admins the ability to bulk-assign Transfers permissions to a specific segment of users.

Deposits & Transfers People Management

Mobile Experience New & Noteworthy

Access key features and securely manage finances, online or offline, for ultimate convenience with our progressive web app (PWA).

Treasury Management

Screen Sharing New & Noteworthy

Skip the confusion and quickly reach a solution by allowing both employees from your financial institution and accountholders to share any part of their screen during video calls.

Conversations & Messages

Segmented Messages New & Noteworthy

Target a specific group of users with customized marketing and notices, allowing for more tailored messaging and delivering a more efficient, personalized experience.

Conversations & Messages

Spanish Support (Phase 1) New & Noteworthy

Replaces hardcoded in-app strings based on the user's device settings.


Unified Identity Service (UIS) New & Noteworthy

Allows users to have a single set of login credentials across multiple platforms while supporting two-factor authentication (2FA) and additional authenticator products like FIDO tokens and Google Authenticator.

Security Treasury Management Coming soon

Video Chat New & Noteworthy

Quickly initiate a video call within Banno Conversations™ to more efficiently assist your accountholders.

Conversations & Messages

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