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January 2022

Revert page to previous version in CMS, improved pending ACH transaction descriptions, & updates to NuDetect mobile traffic

🎶 Welcome back my friends

Happy 2022, friends! And welcome back to the show that never ends!

We hope you had a wonderful, relaxing holiday season and were able to get away and recharge your batteries. The break certainly did us a world of good, and we can't wait to deliver all the exciting new Banno toys in the works for this year! In fact, it's time to get back to it with another round of new features and important updates from our teams.

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New Feature • Content

Revert page to previous version

Great news for our CMS customers! As many of you have mentioned, the content-management process can leave editors wishing they could undo changes or reinstate a previous version of a page. That won't be wishful thinking much longer.

To guard against lost work and/or errant changes, we're making previously saved versions of each page readily available as a safety net. Editors can work faster with confidence, knowing they can revert unwanted changes with a just a quick click!

We'll enable the feature for all CMS customers once it's ready, and no support case or further action on your end is required.

Heads Up • Online

2FA short code usage

You'll recall from the December statement that we’re implementing the option to use a five-digit short code for Banno 2FA codes. The timing hasn't changed; however, we're pleased to report that we've worked with our legal teams to find a solution that avoids the eligibility requirements we had outlined in last month's announcement. That means short codes are available for all financial institutions.

Here are a few things to remember when enabling the feature:

  • Short codes improve 2FA code delivery and provide an option that's not affected by carrier rate limits.
  • Short codes do not work with Authy.
  • Short codes do not work for in-app alerts.

If your financial institution uses SMS for 2FA, we recommend taking advantage of short codes right away. Once the feature is available next week, you can enable it (in People, on the 2-step verification tab under Settings) at any point during the 60-day opt-in period. After that, we'll auto enable the short code option for everyone.

Heads Up • Mobile, Online, & People

Updated transaction retrieval

Remember when we updated our transaction retrieval mechanism way back in December of 2021? Now that it’s been battle tested in Banno Online, we’ve merged the changes into the upcoming Mobile version 2.38 release as well.

For the most part, users won’t notice any difference, although retrieval can be quite a bit faster. The primary difference with the Mobile implementation is that we’ve updated the way our apps cache transactions—resulting in a more-accurate, more-reasonably sized cache for most users, while improving the app’s efficiency along the way. This update is automatic for all users; no support case is required.

Heads Up • Mobile & Online

Minimum payment amounts in credit card accounts

To improve the accuracy of minimum amounts displayed for credit card accounts, we're utilizing a new JX field that allows configurable rounding for minimum payment amounts—configured at the host level, rather than in People.

This change lets us display a more-precise amount once a payment has posted, causing less confusion among your users. It's worth noting that this behind-the-scenes improvement involves zero visual formatting differences in how minimum amounts are displayed.

At some point next week, we will start showing the more-accurate minimum payment amounts in three places within FSCC account details:

  • Next payment due field, under Credit Usage in the account details
  • Minimum due field, under Payment information in the account details
  • Minimum amount field, on the payment screen
Heads Up • Knowledge Base

Documentation updates

You probably know about Banno Help, the home of our invaluable how-to guides that walk you through every step of using our apps. But did you know that we also have a site for deeper dives into each app and feature, including common questions and details about where our data comes from? The Banno Knowledge Base is your one stop shop for in-depth guides and troubleshooting.

To help your employees keep up with our latest documentation updates, this year we’ll be using the monthly statement to highlight documentation for both new features and previously released features that hadn't yet been covered—whether the article was outdated or missing entirely.

To kick things off, we want to point you to our newly updated guides on two-factor authentication, transfers, and dashboard configuration.

New Feature • Mobile & Online

Improve pending ACH transaction descriptions

The lack of detail in pending ACH transaction descriptions displayed for users on CIF 20/20 cores can sometimes leave them wondering which transactions have not yet posted. To eliminate the guessing game and make these transactions easier to identify, we've updated the details displayed in descriptions, which now provide some useful contextual info.

Users on CIF 20/20 cores can now see the ACH company's name and the transaction description the ACH company provides. This change, which also establishes parity with the descriptions on Silverlake, is currently live for Mobile, Online, and People; no support case is needed.

Heads Up • Mobile

NuDetect mobile traffic

It’s taken a while, but we’re excited to announce that NuDetect mobile traffic for iOS and Android will be accounted for in our next release, Mobile version 2.38. With no additional configuration necessary for current NuDetect customers, your employees can expect to see traffic slowly roll out as users update and sign in.

Heads Up • Mobile & Online

Removing support for eZCard aggregated accounts

As communicated previously, third-party aggregation was sunset for numerous reasons that make aggregation support increasingly untenable. Previously added aggregate accounts are still permitted—until such time as they stop performing as expected. Unfortunately, that time has come for eZCard (also known as MyCardStatement) accounts, which let users view their aggregated Visa credit card info in Banno.

Changes to eZCard have resulted in a glaring performance degradation. When users with eZCard attempt to sign in, the aggregate account data fails to load, causing an error.

Removal date

Because we can longer reliably aggregate eZCard data, on February 1, 2022, we will remove eZCard from our list of available aggregate tools and will delete all corresponding accounts for users who have recently updated eZCard.

Digital illustration related to Jack Henry Digital's Toolkit.
Coming soon • Toolkit & Online

Digital Toolkit: Self-serve onboarding for 3rd-party developers

The Digital Toolkit team has long been focused on unleashing the power of the Banno API for authorized 3rd-party developers who want to build external applications on the Banno platform. Gaining API credentials, however, currently involves a high-touch, manual onboarding process that can leave developers waiting for access. That's not good enough.

Soon, the JackHenry.Dev site will include a new self-serve solution for creating API credentials, complete with a user account for our testing and demo environment, Garden. The DIY route makes onboarding quick and easy, so developers can do what they do best: Get right to work building and testing innovative tools.

Listed as authenticated credential management on the roadmap, the feature is currently in testing and is nearly go-live ready. In the coming months, we'll add a sign-up banner to JackHenry.Dev and announce the good news in the statement.

Heads Up • Mobile

Another Google Play requirement

As the Google Play team announced previously, app descriptions in the Play store will include a new Data safety section starting in February. No action is required from your end, however, as we will submit the related Data safety form to Google prior to the April deadline on your behalf.

Heads Up • Apps


To help keep important news from previous statements top of mind, we've added this reminders section, which you can expect to find included moving forward.

App Store updates❗️

App Store requirements recently changed for both Apple and Google, and we need help updating your financial institution’s developer account (as outlined in our guide to Deploying Banno apps).

Plaid support

As addressed in the December statement, Plaid Exchange is currently available and does not require a Banno support case. Should you run into issues with the integration, please email the fine folks at Plaid for additional support:

Third-party aggregation sunset

Third-party aggregation was sunset on December 27, 2021. It is no longer possible to add third-party financial institutions through Banno Apps. For more details, see our November 2021 statement.

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact Support.

Release notes are posted in the For Clients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.



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