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It’s that time of year when the temperatures climb, bringing rain for future blooming of flowers and plants. Now, I can appreciate Mother Nature’s methods, despite my lack of a green thumb, but I’m trying to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible these days before it becomes unbearable here in Phoenix. In the meantime, I’ll sit back and smell the rain, while you soak up a few Banno updates.

Coming soon • Mobile & Online

Change internal loan transfer type: CU

Getting blocked from transferring funds to an internal loan can leave your members frustrated, so we're working to knock down that barrier in both Mobile and Online.

Banno currently uses Share Transfer records in Episys to push funds to an internal loan. Delinquent loans, however, have historically been ineligible for internal transfers in Banno due to limitations with Share Transfer records—which Episys reserves for additional payments only.

To adopt industry best practices and ensure that members can successfully complete internal loan transfers, we will no longer rely on Share Transfer records for such transfers. Instead, we're implementing a new transfer type, called (9) Off Cycle, which utilizes Loan Transfer records to pull funds from a share.

We're wrapping up the final operational components now and will provide more details on next steps during May.

To give your internal team extra time to ensure that SymXchange parameters are enabled correctly, we recommend adding a SymXchange blueprint review item to your spring cleaning list, particularly regarding the searchLoanTransferPagedSelectFields, createLoanTransfer, and updateLoanTransferByID operations.

Fincity mastercard logo.
Heads up • Partner update

Finicity® integration

In case you haven’t heard, we’ve partnered with the Mastercard® company Finicity, whose best known app is Experian Boost™. Our Finicity integration will further improve your institution's ability to serve as the hub of users' financial activity in a safe and secure manner. In other words, Finicity will help your users say goodbye to screen scraping.

Finicity is currently working on registering each of their partner apps for use in Banno People, making each one available as an external application. Users will then have the option to consent and manage each Finicity app independently.

The integration will become available to all institutions at some point this summer, and we will let you know once the work is far enough along to narrow the window for release timing. For details on what to expect, click Implementation Plan below:

Heads up • Digital Toolkit

Toolkit corner: Using Refresh Tokens

Is there anything worse than sitting down to work, only to find your access blocked? Your in-house developers shouldn't have to ponder that when trying to build with our Consumer API.

To help avoid access issues, the Toolkit team wrote a new guide, Refresh Tokens, which details how to request a Refresh Token or exchange one for a new Access Token.

Example of improved in-house credit card transaction descriptions.
Coming soon • Apps

Better descriptions for in-house credit card transactions

Good news for all credit unions using in-house credit cards! After receiving feedback that showing the transaction type before the merchant or retailer information essentially buries the lede, we're adjusting the order of information to make transaction descriptions more meaningful to your members.

Our in-house credit card transaction descriptions will soon look like the examples in the screenshot above rather than this, which is an example of the description style that we're replacing:

Loan Advance Credit Card Visa Platinum STARBUCKS 5853 614-575-3742 OH Date 11/28/21 04445710000067768677680 5411

Users will see this change reflected on credit card transactions posted after May 1, 2022.

Heads up • Knowledge Base & Help Center

Documentation updates

See the documentation changes we made for institution employees since the March statement:

  • Reports - engagement: Learn how your users’ interact with your app. This article helps explain your retention rate, number of active users, average logins by time of day, and more. In the statements to come, you’ll also be seeing more documentation regarding Reports!
  • Account recovery: Read how self-service account recovery lets end users reset their passwords without the need to contact support. The article also covers some possible edge cases you could run into.
  • Offline mode: See how you can quickly inform existing end users that they might encounter unavailable features during planned maintenance, a connectivity issue, or an outage.
  • Payment: Now you can quickly reference changes to the Payment navigation we've addressed in recent statements.

We’ve been busy improving Banno Help Center user guides too:

Heads Up • Apps


Here are a couple reminders from the previous statement:

  • EULA acceptance: As mentioned last month, we've made a minor change to the EULA acceptance flow. Users now remain on the EULA screen to read, accept, and then confirm the terms.
  • Google Play policy changes: No change is required to remain in compliance with Google Play’s updated advertising policy.

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact Support.

Release notes are posted in the For Clients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.