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Data & Reporting

Gain powerful insights and drive informed decisions by understanding how users are utilizing your app, all the while ensuring security measures are in place to detect and prevent fraud.


Advanced Analytics and Reporting New & Noteworthy

Access digital banking analytics about your users to make better informed decisions and target marketing campaigns with Google BigQuery.

Coming Soon

CSV Export

Export a CSV list of user information for each report type.

Freeform Date Range Selection

Allows the flexibility to select from your own date ranges.

Security & Fraud

Enrollment Attempts

Keep track of all enrollment attempts, and which users made it through the enrollment process.

New Users with Unverified 2FA Information

View report of users who are enrolled in 2FA, but used a phone number that is not on their core record. This allows you to keep core validation turned off, but still manage the risk by reviewing these users manually.

Potentially Compromised Users

View a report that will indicate if a user’s password may have been correctly guessed by a credential stuffing attacker. 2FA is still in effect, but the account may warrant some special attention, such as accounts with a 2FA phone number that does not match their core record.

Rejected Users

See a list of rejected users and enable them if needed.


Bill Pay Statistics

Quickly see who your most engaged bill pay users are, what the average payment amount is, and how much money is being moved through Bill Pay total.

Deposit Statistics

Understand at a glance your institution’s average and daily deposit amount and volume.

Remote Deposit Capture Statistics

See data about how many of your users are enrolled in RDC, and who your most active RDC users are.

Transfer Statistics

See who your most engaged transfer users are, the average amount each user transfers from your institution, and how much transfer traffic is being used each day.

User Statistics

Understand at a glance how many users are engaged with your online banking, how often they’re coming back, which platforms they’re using, which external institution accounts they’re using, what time of day they’re visiting, who’s visiting for the first time, and more.

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