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People Management

Effortlessly manage access and permissions for your employees, as well as settings and features for your accountholders.

Account Management

Audit Log of Changes

View a historical audit trail of all actions on a user’s account: authentication and password changes, money movements and other high risk actions, and more.

Configure Dashboard

Set the default order of the cards on a user’s dashboard, and add custom plugin cards.

Device List

View every device a user has logged in from, and remove some or all that are listed. This is a great way to check outdated browser or app user issues.

External Applications

Generate API keys, manage single sign-on integrations, and configure plugin cards to enable 3rd party functionality.

Manage Feature Permissions

Configure feature-level ability permissions on a per-user basis.

Manage Permissions Segments New & Noteworthy

Allow admins the ability to bulk-assign Transfers permissions to a specific segment of users.

Manage Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Manage all RDC-related settings at the institution level, affecting all users, including which accounts allow RDC.

Manage Transfer Settings

Manage external and internal transfer settings at the financial institution level—affecting all users.

Manage Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Verify a user’s 2FA phone number, enrollment setting, reset their 2FA settings, and send users a one-time text or email to have them verify their identity.

Password Reset

Send users a one-time text or email with a magic link to set a new password. No temporary passwords here, the user will choose a new password and two-factor authentication (2FA) in their account.

Recent Transactions

View the customer’s recent transactions to help troubleshoot potential issues.

Remove Profile Photo

Easily remove user profile photos that are legally noncompliant, or contain any unacceptable imagery.

Search for Accountholders

Quickly find who you’re looking for by searching in various ways - by name, email, username, NetTeller® ID, CIF, or member number.

Unlock User

Reset your user accounts through Banno People’s back office and easily allow them access to their account.

User Profile Information from Customer Information File (CIF)

Pull in customer information directly from the CIF.

Verify a User

Send user a one-time text or email to have them verify their identity.

View Account Details

View the same accounts, transactions, messages, notifications, and all other account-related information your users see.

View and Manage User Account Status From the Core

Detect if a user is locked out, needs their password reset, or is dormant, and help reset their password or account as a whole to regain access.

View Notifications

View the user’s recent messages and alert notifications to see communications they have recently received.

Employee Access

Invite Employees By Email

Easily give employees access to Banno by sending them an email invite.

Manage Permissions for Groups

Groups are the categories you use to determine which employees have access to support settings, features, applications, and various permissions inside Banno.

to

Your employees can easily access the Banno Digital Platform from anywhere, right on our website.

Two-Factor Authentication

Help protect employee accounts from unauthorized access by requiring them to enter an additional code when they sign in.

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