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ACH Payments

Approve ACH

Users can easily manage their business payments by reviewing and approving their ACH transfers.

Create & Manage ACH

Initiate, oversee, and ensure the execution of electronic payments or transfers.

Future ACH

Schedule, build ACH templates, and create recurring ACH payments.

High Risk Validation for ACH

Users will be required to enter their credentials when initiating an ACH batch considered to be a high-risk payment.

Holds & Prenotes

Temporarily freeze funds during transactions for secure payments and ensure accuracy of account information with test transactions, available today for SilverLake customers only.

Manage Payees

Business users can create, edit, delete, and validate routing numbers and financial institutions for each recipient.

Offset Accounts

Lower interest payments by linking loan or credit accounts to an offset account and validate fund authenticity during setup for added assurance.

Conversations for Business

After Hours Message

Set an after hours message to appear when you are unavailable. This helps your users know when they can expect a response and you can provide other opportunities for self-service/help.

Attach a Form

Save your users a trip to your branch. Now your support staff can attach and send a fully authenticated form (i.e. change of address) with just a couple of clicks – and it’s just as easy for the customer to fill out and send right back!

Attach Accounts, Transactions, Files and Photos

Users and support team members can attach accounts, transactions, files or photos to provide more context to support sessions.

Branded Email Notifications

Receive email notification for new and unread support conversations.

Chat with Teammates

Business users have the ability to chat with their teammates via Conversations for Business.

Start a Conversation

Users can chat securely with your bank’s support team to get the answers they need, designed to feel like the messaging app they use every day.

View Hours of Operation

Users can see when your institution is available to help.

Positive Pay

Check Exceptions

Quickly and efficiently handle batches of check exceptions, rather than individually approving or rejecting each check. For credit unions, this is managed via SSO with our third-party, ACH Alert.

Upload & Enter Issued Items

Prevent check fraud by electronically sharing check information with the bank or by entering each check’s information manually, allowing the bank to check for any errors. For credit unions, this is managed via SSO with our third-party, ACH Alert.

User Management

Back-office Management

Create, manage organizations and give entitlements from the back office.

Create & Manage Users

Search for, manage, and access user profiles and their associated account details with ease.

User Activity

View and download a CSV file of all changes made to an organization user.

User Entitlements & Permissions

Grant users specific permissions and entitle them to perform a variety of tasks based on their role.


Approve Wires

Manage, view and approve wire transfers above a certain threshold.

Create & Manage Domestic Wires

Create, manage, and send wires from one bank account to another within the United States.

Create & Manage International Wires

Create, manage and send wires transmitted outside of the United States via SSO with our third-party partner, Corpay.

High Risk Validation for Wires

Users will be required to enter their credentials when transmitting a wire considered to be a high-risk payment.

Recurring Wires

Automate regular wire transfers to occur at set frequencies for simplified and scheduled payments.

Wire Templates

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