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Payments & Cards

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Card Controls

Advanced Card Controls

Allows users the control to set their own spending limits, receive alerts or block specific transaction types, and prevent fraud on their debit and credit cards.

Card On / Off

Users can temporarily freeze their credit card.

Manage Credit Cards

Allow users to view all cards on their account, report lost or stolen cards, and manage their alert preferences for individual separate entity credit cards.

Re-Order Card

Users can re-order their card to replace an existing debit or credit card.

Report Lost/Stolen Cards

Quickly report a lost or stolen debit or credit card.

Secure Online Card Activation

Users can securely activate their credit card online.

Travel Protection

Users can tell you when you’re traveling with their cards to help make sure their time away from home is stress-free.


Add, Edit, and Delete Payees

Users have the ability to add, edit, or delete people that they send money to most frequently.

Credit Card Payments

Users can make payments to their JHA Full Service Credit Cards using their checking or savings account.

Enroll in Bill Pay

Enroll in Bill Pay with both Banno Mobile and Banno Online. All eligible accounts will be enrolled when a user accesses any of the bill pay features.

External Credit Card Payments

Users can make payments to their JHA Full Service Credit Cards using external checking or savings accounts.

Pay a Business

Through our integration with iPay, users can add the bills they want to pay and send funds. Users can also schedule recurring payments and send overnight or second-day payments.

Pay a Person

Users can send and receive money through iPay, P2P, or Zelle® with friends and family.

Payment Rush Options

Send an overnight or second-day payment via electronic or check.

Recurring Credit Card Payments

Allow users to schedule future credit card payments on a specific date each month and specify how much they want to pay (the minimum due, the last statement balance, or the full balance).

Schedule Recurring Payments

Creation of recurring payments for bill pay and editing of full payment series.

Skip Payment

Users can skip a payment on eligible loans at their local credit union.

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