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Accounts & Transactions

Manage settings and features for your accountholders, giving them deeper insights into their accounts and transactions with helpful attachments and notes.

Accountholder Management

Recent Transactions

View the customer’s recent transactions to help troubleshoot potential issues.

View Account Details

View the same accounts, transactions, messages, notifications, and all other account-related information your users see.

View and Manage User Account Status From the Core

Detect if a user is locked out, needs their password reset, or is dormant, and help reset their password or account as a whole to regain access.


Account Enrollment

Accountholders can quickly and securely self-serve to get digital access to their accounts.

Account Opening SSOs

Integrations with Meridian Link and SymApp provide ways for users to open new accounts.

Change Internal Loan Transfer Type

Ability for users to view, create, and revise off-cycle and automatic loan transfers.

Connect External Accounts

Powered by Finicity, users can link to their third-party financial accounts to view their balances and recent transactions right within the Banno app.

Extended Account Information

Users can review and understand more about their accounts with additional details.

Hide / Show Accounts

Users can hide or show their accounts from within settings.

Order Accounts

Users can customize the order in which their accounts display.


Accountholders can quickly and securely self-serve to get digital access to their accounts. Add age restrictions to prevent young users from enrolling.

Set Account Nickname

Users can personalize their accounts by giving them unique names.

Show Closed and Paid Off Accounts

Users can understand at a glance their accounts’ standing.

View Balances

Balance and summary information for DDA/share, credit, and loan accounts.

View Holds

Users can see holds on previous payments to understand their current and available balances in their accounts.


Attach Images of Receipts

Users can easily track their expenses and provide images for their record keeping.

Export Transactions

Export transaction data for a range of dates in a variety of formats.

Search for Transactions

Dynamic search that filters transactions as the user types.

Tag Transactions

Users can tag their transactions to make organizing and searching for them easier.

Transaction Enrichment

Users' digital banking apps can automatically categorize transactions and generate more readable names, whether they are for accounts with their financial institution or external accounts.

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