Idk about y’all, but here in Iowa, we’ve been appreciating the slow but steady thaw we’ve experienced the last few weeks. “But what about second winter,” you ask? We can’t make summer come any faster, but we can ship a few goodies each month. Read up and enjoy!

Heads up • Online & Mobile

Changes to Payments navigation

To pave the way for Banno Business, we've updated the Banno Online navigation used to access payment and bill pay features. Users with three or more payment options enabled can currently see the new Payments dropdown to access Bill pay and other payment-related features in Banno Online, and the change will also be reflected in an upcoming Mobile release.

Heads up • Knowledge Base & Help Center

Documentation updates

Your employees will find these new or updated articles available:

  • High-risk actions by users: With risky actions comes the need for extra authentication. Read up on which tasks are considered “high-risk actions” for your users and learn how we protect their accounts.
  • Revert history: Push an update before it’s ready? Save content on the wrong page? As mentioned in last month's statement, you can now easily revert changes to your pages in Banno Content!
  • Enterprise platform authentication: Questions regarding authentication in People? This article covers helpful answers, including password requirements, account inactivity, and more.
  • Conversations: If you have questions, we have answers surrounding the support feature that's got everybody talking!

We've also added a few new user guides to the Banno Help Center:

Heads up • Digital Toolkit

Toolkit corner

This month, the Digital Toolkit team has a couple of updates to share.

Building user support tools with the Admin API

We've heard from many customers who find the power of the Banno Admin API intriguing. We’ve also heard that some folks aren't exactly clear how it can make your back-office more manageable, so the Toolkit team wrote a new guide about some of what the Admin API can do.

Requesting Digital Toolkit support

While we can't offer the level of support provided for the Banno platform itself, we try to maximize the impact our Developer Relations team can make when helping 3rd-party developers leverage the Banno APIs. To ensure realistic expectations, we've outlined the limitations and support options available to you when building tools to integrate with Banno.

Screenshot of Banno's Account settings screen.
Enhancement • Online & Mobile

Support for users with many accounts

We've finally wrapped up our first set of improvements for users with many accounts! Looking back, everything we’ve done so far has been iterative changes to our apps for all users. This month, we’re shipping an update to our Account Settings view in Banno Mobile as well as some logic which will adjust the user experience depending on how many accounts a user has displayed.

The gist is when a user has over 20 accounts displayed, we’ll hide the transactions dashboard card and remove access to any other transaction lists which display transactions across accounts. Such users can still access transactions through Account Details, and can expect transaction retrieval to be very snappy.

For more information on this change, please see the new "Users with many accounts" section in our guide to transactions.

Heads Up • Apps


You'll likely recall most of the info below from last month's statement, but we'll drop the reminders here just in case.

2FA short code

To help clean up any remaining confusion around the 2FA short code feature we recently introduced, please review the new "Short codes" section in the Two-factor authentication guide.

NuDetect mobile traffic

Remember that NuDetect mobile traffic is now accounted for on iOS and Android, starting with Mobile version 2.38.

Improve pending ACH descriptions

If your institution is on CIF 20/20 cores, now your users can see more-useful details displayed in their pending transaction descriptions, including the ACH company's name and the transaction description the ACH company provides.

Minimum payment amounts in full-service credit card accounts

Users now see a more-precise minimum payment amount displayed once their credit card payment has posted, as we're using a new JX field to pull in the minimum amount rounding settings you've configured at the host level (rather than in People).

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact Support.

Release notes are posted in the For Clients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.