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May 2024

Partnership update • Banno Business™ updates • Treasury Management updates • Plus more

🇺🇸 An investment for the ages 🇺🇸

After a somber yet inspiring weekend spent honoring loved ones who fought and died for our country, it seems only fitting that we start this month's Statement by acknowledging the nearly 650,000 U.S. soldiers who have been killed in battle and some half-million more who were lost to other causes during wartimes.

As I sit here working from the comfort and safety of my back patio and consider those staggering numbers, I'm awed by the clear connection between the privileges that I enjoy today and the collective sacrifice of our fallen soldiers. So before we jump into our latest updates, let me say one more Thank you to the servicemen and servicewomen who invested everything for our freedom!

New feature • Banno Business™

Business Activity feed

We are over the moon to finally announce the arrival of a singular Activity feed, serving both bank and credit union business customers.

Just like the feed that is available for business administrators, your employees will also now be able to see an overview of all activity within a business. This includes activity by your staff, business administrators, and business users themselves– saving your employees from looking at every user’s activity feed individually.

Head on over to a business’s profile in People and look for the new Activity tab to check it out!

Image of Visa's logo.
Heads up • Parter Update

Visa Open Banking Solutions integration

We are pleased to announce our newest integration partner: Visa.

Our partnership with Visa Open Banking Solutions will empower your accountholders to move money more seamlessly by connecting financial accounts. Are you excited? Because we sure are! We're geared up and eager to make this integration a reality.

While we don't currently have any release timelines to share, you can bet you'll be the first to know once we do! Looking for more details on our JH Partners, Data Aggregators, or Digital Banking integrations? Check out the linked pages below:

Image of Treasury Managemnet Company ID in header
New feature • JHA Treasury Management™

Company ID in Treasury Management header

Do your customers manage multiple companies in Treasury Management? If so, identifying which company they are in during their session just got easier!

We’ve added the company name to the header so the user will always know which company they are working in. The company ID appears next to the user name in the upper-right corner

Coming soon • Banno Business™

Complimentary marketing collateral on JH Resource Center

Mark your calendars! Our free Banno Business marketing campaigns will be launching on Monday, June 3, on the Jack Henry™ Resource Center. These campaigns were crafted to support your efforts in driving Banno Business adoption and usage for your accountholders. Did we mention the collateral will cater to different audience segments with tailored messaging? And that it allows multiple touchpoints so you can connect with your accountholders in a way that works best for you? Well, there you have it!

Want to learn more about registering for the Resource Center? Contact the Resource Support Team at

Coming soon • Banno Business™ for banks

External application permissions for businesses

External applications can present a difficult challenge for our business customers. Questions come up often. Questions like, "how can our staff configure the correct apps when they may not know all the employees at each business?" Sadly, the honest answer was, "not very efficiently." ... Until we rewrote that answer for our credit union business customers last year by delivering external application permissions.

After months of overwhelmingly positive feedback from our beta testing partners on the credit union side, now we’re gearing up to release the same feature for banks — so you can empower your businesses to self-serve permission management for external apps!

Your business admins will see the new permissions within the User management screens soon, so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming release notes (on For Clients) and the next statement for the official release announcement!

Coming soon • Banno Online™ & Banno Mobile™

Enhanced error messaging for business users

Your business users can look forward to more clarity and efficiency in their digital banking experience with our upcoming improved error messages for critical business features involving ACH, Wires, Positive Pay, and User Management!

Before long, navigating through any hurdles on the platform will be notably easier for your business users, as our apps will display detailed error messages that guide them through the specific challenge at hand. As seen in these examples, the new error messages should ensure that troubleshooting takes less time, so your accountholders can focus on what truly matters: growing their businesses!

Stay tuned to upcoming statements for the good news once the new error messaging is in use.

New feature on Banno Business™ • Banno Online™

ACH Positive Pay

We're thrilled to announce that our ACH Positive Pay feature is now available for SilverLake banks! Your business users will have the power to effortlessly view and work ACH exceptions, ensuring their transactions stay secure and protected from fraudulent activities.

With this new feature at their disposal to ensure that only authorized payments are processed, your business users might just reach out and thank you for the peace of mind that comes with more-granular control of their payment decisions!

Coming soon • Banno Mobile™

Positive Pay Check Exceptions

Positive Pay check exceptions feature is on its way to the Banno Mobile app! Soon, your customers will be able to effortlessly review and work exceptions right from their phones, ensuring their accounts stay secure and putting their worried minds at ease.

Keep an eye out for more details as we work to add this to Banno Mobile.

Heads up • Digital Banking Platform™ reminders


Here are a few things to remember this month.

Estatement enrollment prompt

Maximize your Estatement enrollment by enabling the prompt today!

If your institution is utilizing our native documents display and enrollment configuration – and many of you now are given our recent switch from the ESI SSO to the API-integrated option – you can take advantage of the Estatement enrollment prompt. All you need to do is flip the switch!

More details on native statements and instructions for enabling the prompt are available on the Knowledge Base.

Segmented messages

As of January, we introduced segmented messages, an incredible way to increase engagement with your accountholders. You are no longer limited to sending messages to an entire user base. Now, you have the ability to send messages to segments of users; such as business users, users above a certain credit threshold, new account holders, users who haven’t logged on in a while, or nearly any segment you can dream up!

Visit our Knowledge Base to view updated Messages documentation and familiarize yourself with our user Segments documentation.

Upcoming events

Save your seat now for these upcoming events:

Heads up • Banno Digital Toolkit™

Toolkit corner: Updated Simple Plugin Example

The Developer Relations team has updated the look-and-feel of the Simple Plugin Example, which is an open source sample project, meant to educate developers on the basics of how to build a plugin card with the Banno Digital Toolkit.

The updated sample project demonstrates good practices to follow when designing and developing plugins, while ensuring that we're still laser-focused on educating developers without being daunting or confusing to folks who are new to our developer platform.

Of course, we've also updated the companion Build Your First Plugin quickstart to match the updated sample project.

New feature • Banno Mobile™ & Banno Online™

Business Bill Pay enrollment for banks

We're excited to share that Banno Business for Banks now supports Bill Pay enrollment. Your business customers can now quickly enroll in Business Bill Pay via Banno. This streamlined process not only makes onboarding easier, it gives your customers immediate access to the tools they need to manage their finances and grow their businesses.

Business bill pay enrollment will be available for all banks starting on Tuesday, June 4. For details on how business users can enroll, visit the Knowledge Base: Enrolling in payments with iPay.

Heads up • Digital Banking Platform™

Stevie® Website Award announcement

We are pleased to announce that Jack Henry website clients - Armed Forces Bank and Academy Bank both won Stevie® Awards through The American Business Awards®! These two banks swept the Banking Category with Gold and Silver honors, respectively. We are honored to have been a part of this award-winning endeavor and are so excited for these institutions’ recognition in this area. Congrats to all!

Image of the Banno Platform Status screen design.
Coming soon • Banno Digital Platform™

Updates coming for 2FA and security settings

We’re preparing to roll out new security features that will help your accountholders better secure their access to Banno. As part of this change, all 2FA methods will be enabled for each financial institution, allowing your users to select any supported method. Additionally, you will no longer be able to specify particular 2FA methods, but rather a desired security level for users. You’ll be able to pick between:

  • Standard: Balanced security with the greatest convenience (all supported methods)
  • Enhanced: Protects the user from phone-based attacks including smishing and SIM swapping (only allows authenticator apps, Symantec tokens, FIDO security keys, Passkeys)
  • High: Requires a physical security key or device and protects against remote account takeover (only allows FIDO security keys and Passkeys)

Along with this change, you’ll be able to specify different security settings for business users and retail users. Additionally, you’ll have the ability to indicate if high risk actions should use the current password step-up challenge or a 2FA challenge.

Heads up • JHA Treasury Management™

Treasury Management Mobile Experience

We have some important updates to share with you surrounding the new PWA Mobile Experience. As previously communicated, the Mobile Experience was dependent on Unified Identity Service (UIS). However, we have decided to untether this dependency, providing you with additional options for how your financial institution chooses to migrate. The options available are as follows:

  1. As was previously communicated – UIS and PWA Mobile Experience at the same time
  2. As was previously communicated – UIS first, followed by PWA Mobile Experience
  3. The newest option – PWA Mobile Experience first, followed by UIS

While we initially planned to launch both products together, this change allows you the flexibility to move forward with the PWA Mobile Experience without having to wait for UIS if you would like.

Rest assured that as more information becomes available, we'll be in close communication with you on your decision and next steps.. In the meantime, you can review the following resources as you prepare and plan for your Mobile Experience migration:

Image of the Banno Platform Status screen design.
Coming soon • Banno Admin™

Platform™ status updates

You've heard hints that changes are coming to Banno Status, and the wait is almost over! While we always strive for perfect uptime, we also realize that unexpected outages can occur. Soon, your team will see a link to the new Status page in the ••• (More) menu on Banno Admin.

Once the new page is released, if we need to communicate a change in our status, we'll update both the current website ( and the Status page on Admin. We have more changes in store for the new page, but for now, we want to share where your team can expect to see service and performance updates.

Coming soon • Banno Business™ Credit Unions

Optional user verification for new businesses

We have an exciting update for our credit union business customers to help tackle fraud risks. We’ve heard your concerns about enrollment authenticity, especially in fraud cases. Therefore, in an effort to help reduce the risk of a bad actor making it through the enrollment process, we are creating a new optional configuration. When enabled, the first administrator of a business will be required to verify their identity using known contact information prior to completing the enrollment process.

Stay tuned for more information on this new feature!

Image of Treasury Managemnet Back Office in Xperience
New feature • JHA Treasury Management™

Treasury Management Back Office in Xperience™

Ever thought about how it would be great to eliminate the need to manage multiple profiles and toggle between these two applications? We're making the dream a reality! You'll be able to open a Treasury Management Back Office session while already in an active Xperience session.

Can't wait? There's no need to! We have recently communicated via Service Level Announcement (SLA) about this new enhancement, and we have included all the information needed for install and configuration. Well, what're you waiting for?!

Heads up • Digital Banking Platform™ Knowledge Base

Documentation updates

Be sure to review our most-recent documentation:

  • Banno Due Diligence: Explore our newly updated and comprehensive Due Diligence document, designed to equip you and your auditors with all the necessary information to effectively inspect our Digital Banking Platform. For security purposes, this document is password-protected. Please contact your sales executive to obtain the password.
  • Banno Business Overview: Read about how our Banno Business solutions help businesses of all sizes.
  • Banno Cards Overview: See how our Digital Banking Platform allows users full control of their cards.
  • Data aggregators: We've updated the support email addresses for our data aggregation partners.

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact Support.

Release notes are posted in the For Clients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.



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