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April 2024

Banno Business™ updates • Banno Mobile™ updates •Treasury Management updates • Plus more

Springing into innovation

As the blossoms of spring start to bloom, so do the innovative features and enhancements we're excited to unveil. We hope this update finds you in high spirits and ready to dive into the latest developments from our Digital Banking team.

This month, we've been hard at work crafting solutions that streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and empower financial institutions like yours to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. From enhanced payment solutions to user-friendly interfaces, we've got a wealth of exciting updates to share.

So, grab your favorite beverage, settle in, and let's explore together the exciting features and improvements that await within this month's update. Happy reading!

Business ACH Manage Non Processing Days feature.
New feature for Banno Business™

Business ACH for credit unions: Custom processing exception dates

As we continue to build out our credit union business ACH capabilities, this month we’re excited to share that we’ve released the management of non-processing days. Now, you can add additional dates to accommodate other days that you won’t be processing ACH.

Dates that appear in this list will show as grayed-out when a user tries to initiate an ACH batch. If you add a date that may already have initiated batches, we’ll warn you and show you all initiated batches so that you can address them. Weekends and federal holidays are automatically excluded.

Take a look for yourself: In People, head to Settings and click ACH. On the Custom processing exceptions dates card, click Add new date, select a date from the calendar, and save your changes.

Heads up • Banno Mobile™

Minimum iOS version support

As mentioned in an SLA earlier this month, we’ve made the decision to update the minimum iOS version to 16.4. Users with a downloaded app who are on an older operating system (OS) will retain 3.7 through 3.11 access. If users are unable to upgrade to Banno app version 3.12 or later, they will need to verify and update their OS version first.

Setting this minimum Apple OS version allows our team to better prepare for any upcoming Apple enforcement of privacy policies and improves our development and maintenance efficiency. As a reminder, you can always access our Browser and OS Support Policy – and note that our minimum app version remains unchanged at 3.7.

Heads up • Banno Business™

Complimentary marketing collateral on JH Resource Center

Exciting news! We're thrilled to announce that two complimentary marketing campaigns will be launching in June to support your efforts in driving Banno Business adoption and usage, exclusively available on the Jack Henry Resource Center.

The Resource Center provides you with the tools you need to boost your marketing efforts by leveraging customizable marketing campaigns that drive product adoption and increase accountholder engagement all while saving time and money on in-house or outsourced creative costs. Be on the lookout for more details to come!

New feature • Banno People™

User override for initial 2-step verification

Earlier this month, we released an enhancement for the Initial 2-step verification enrollment setting found in Banno People. Historically, this setting has been editable only at the institution level, and the setting has applied to all users. When enabled, all users who are enrolling for 2FA initially (or re-enrolling for 2FA because their established 2FA methods were removed for any reason) receive an email with an authentication code that they then enter in Banno.

Based on feedback that some users get stuck at this step for various reasons and are unable to log in, we have added a user-level override to this functionality. Financial institution employees with the Manage security settings permission can now disable this feature for specific users. The override can also be removed after the fact, returning the user to the institution-level default setting.

No support case is required to access this functionality. If your institution has the Initial 2-step verification enrollment setting enabled, then authorized employees should now see the new override toggle on the Security tab of a user profile in Banno People.

Coming soon • JHA Treasury Management™

Positive Pay workflow improvements

Get excited! A new and improved user experience for Positive Pay Check Exceptions is coming very soon — Monday, May 6 to be exact! What do we mean? Users will be able to identify exceptions that have previously been decisioned as well as have the option to only decision exceptions they’re ready to address, giving them more time to review.

For details on these exciting improvements, see the new Positive Pay Check Exceptions QRG on the Knowledge Base.

Heads up • Digital Banking Platform™ reminders


Here are a few things to remember this month.

New Digital banking Integrations page

Have you seen our new integrations page?! Here, you'll discover our valued Jack Henry Partners alongside nifty third-party plugins, integrations, and SSOs. Ready to elevate your experience with us? Dive in now and explore the possibilities!

Upcoming events

Save your seat now for these upcoming events:

Heads up • Banno Digital Toolkit™

Toolkit corner: plugin theming

Some of you have asked "How do we ensure that our plugin cards look like they seamlessly fit within the user's Dashboard?"

Our longstanding advice has been to ensure that plugins render themselves in a pleasing way that matches the theme configured for your financial institution in Banno.

To that end, we now have a guide dedicated to plugin theming.

New feature • Banno Mobile™

Manage Zelle® payment profiles and more!

Calling all Zelle financial institutions! If by chance you haven't read our Banno Mobile 3.11 Release Notes, you missed some great news! We’re excited that with the 3.11 mobile update, your Zelle users will no longer need to reach out to you in order to delete their Zelle payment profiles (also referred to as tokens) or change the accounts associated with their Zelle profiles. Users running the latest version of our mobile apps or using Zelle from Banno Online will now have the ability to manage their payment profiles themselves – lightening the load for your support staff and allowing them to focus on other high priority items.

Additionally, we’ve introduced support for a new payments status that will allow you, the financial institution, to review and take action on Zelle transactions before posting them to the account.

Heads up • Digital Banking Platform™

FDIC display updates

We wanted to give you a quick heads-up about a change on the horizon. Our teams are currently in the process of planning out Mobile, Online, and Content work to update the FDIC display to ensure compliance with the latest regulations. Stay tuned for more details as we finalize our plans!

Image of screen Banno Business users see when creating a single wire on Banno Mobile.
Coming soon for Banno Business™ • Banno Mobile™

Create and manage wire templates in Mobile

We’re at it again with another Banno Mobile wires update for Banno Business banks! Coming to you in the 3.12 release is the ability to create and manage wire templates.

As long as your users are running on the latest version of iOS or Android and have the correct wire entitlements, they can engage with this feature from any device. Just like in Banno Online, a user will see the Template tab on the Wires dashboard with the ability to save new wires as a template at creation, along with editing or deleting templates, and initiating a single one-time wire.

There is no support ticket needed for this feature, which will be enabled for your business organizations once they upgrade to Mobile 3.12—currently on track to hit the App Stores in mid May.

Coming soon • JHA Treasury Management™

Progressive Web App

🎵 She’ll be coming around the mountain when she comes … Our new Progressive Web App for Treasury Management is getting closer to making its debut! We’re actively working on informative and customizable campaign materials for you to lean on when communicating these updates to your users. These Go-To-Market materials will support you, and your customers, as we all make this transition together.

We’ll have the new campaign materials ready in the next couple of weeks and will be sure you’re the first to know when and where you can find them in the Jack Henry Resource Center.

In the meantime, you can get familiar with our new PWA How-To Guide and our newly updated QRG for PWA!

Coming soon • JHA Treasury Management™

Unified Identity Service

Early adopter testing for Unified Identity Service (UIS) for Treasury Management is officially underway! We’re eager to get this new authentication technology in the hands of your users and we’ll be communicating updates as they become available.

Like the Progressive Web App, we’ll have JH Resource Center campaign materials available to ensure an easy peasy transition. Additionally, we’re also working on an updated FAQ that will have new information regarding Identity Management, which is where you’ll be able to provide service regarding devices, authentication methods, and more!

Heads up • Digital Banking Platform™ Knowledge Base

Documentation updates

Be sure to review our most-recent documentation:

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact Support.

Release notes are posted in the For Clients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.



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