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October 2023

Skip-a-Pay PowerOn update, high-risk prompt for NuDetect, Segmented messages, Treasury enhancements, Banno Business updates • Plus more

Fall is in the air, and so is our latest suite of product announcements! From ghoulishly good security features to spooktacular mobile updates, we've got something for everyone.

Screenshot of EULA screen in Banno People.
Coming soon • Banno Platform™

EULA + JH terms update

As described in the August and September Statements, there are changes in the works for the EULA and Jack Henry (JH) terms. In early November, we'll be updating the EULA display process as well as your ability to edit custom terms. You will then have until December 5 to review the new (uneditable) JH terms and, if wanted, add custom terms that will be appended to the Jack Henry terms.

Accepting the JH default EULA

To accept the new default terms once they're available, open Banno People, click the Settings dropdown, click EULA, and then click Accept JH default EULA in the upper-right corner. Finally, click Accept.

If you do not want to include any custom terms that are specific to your institution, no further action is required.

Adding custom terms

To add your custom terms to the JH default EULA, open Banno People, click the Settings dropdown, click EULA, and then click Add custom terms in the upper-right corner. After entering and reviewing the additional terms that you want end users to see, click Save.

What to expect

Once you accept the default terms or save your custom terms, end users will be prompted to accept the new EULA as they log in.

If you decide not to update your terms in November, the new system and default JH terms will take effect on December 5, and any custom terms you had provided (prior to November) will not be included.

After the December 5 switchover, you will only need to manage your custom terms if desired.

New Feature • Banno Platform™

NuDetect customers: Rejoice!

We're officially adding NuDetect to the high-risk prompt. This means that NuDetect coverage will be applied to step-up authentication, helping protect you and your customers from fraud in the most prevalent scenarios. These scenarios include, but are not limited to, changing passwords, transferring large amounts of money, and enrolling in Zelle®.

Soon, your authorized employees will be able to configure an enforcement score within Banno People that will effectively boo(t) fraudsters back to the login, adding an extra layer of friction for would-be criminals.

NuDetect coverage to high-risk prompts were released for Banno Online and our Android app (version 3.7) during October and will be included in our iOS 3.8 release—expected next week.

To learn more about how NuDetect can help you protect your customers from fraud, contact your Digital Sales Executive today.

Heads Up • Banno Online™ & Banno Mobile™

Power up your PowerOns:
Skip-a-Pay for the holidays

As we head into the holiday season, you may want to offer your members the ability to skip their loan payments—if they meet certain eligibility criteria. Banno has a Skip-a-Pay PowerOn that will allow your members to request these skips without calling or visiting a branch!

If you are already using this feature, you may want to check your version to ensure you have the latest with the following enhancements:

  • Additional eligibility criteria around payment frequencies, number of payments made, loan approval codes, and maximum number of delinquent payments
  • New setting that allows you to specify the calculation used to advance the due date by payment frequency

If you are interested in installing or upgrading the Skip-a-Pay PowerOn, please submit a case via the For Clients portal. Need to check your Skip-a-Pay PowerOn version? Just follow these steps.

Banno Business™ updates • Banno Online™ & Banno Mobile™

Coming soon to Banno Business for Banks

Take a look at the new features our team is excited to release soon for our banks on Banno Business!

Banno Mobile: Establishing platform parity for ACH

📱🚀 Get ready for a host of awesome ACH improvements in our upcoming Mobile releases, as we work to establish parity with the ACH management experience in Banno Online. Marking the first big step toward platform parity for ACH features, Banno Mobile version 3.9 will empower business users to view and initiate ACH batches on the go!

🌟 Stay tuned as we continue to roll out ACH features for mobile! Once we deliver View and initiate ACH batches, here's what's next:

  • Edit and initiate recurring ACH batches
  • Add, edit, and delete recipients (transactions)

Banno Mobile: View and transmit wires

You’ve long awaited this functionality, and we’re happy to announce it’s coming your way. In Mobile version 3.8, our SilverLake customers will be able to view all active and historical wires, their details, and initiate single domestic wires from within your Banno mobile app.

Banno Online: International Wires SSO for Corpay™

We know your financial institution prides itself on providing your users the services and products they need to do business—anywhere! Soon, your business customers with global interests can start processing international wires via the International Wires SSO we've built to integrate with the third-party provider Corpay.

To provide international wires for your business users, you must first contact Corpay ( and get onboarded with them. Once you’ve been set up, Corpay support can initiate a request with our Custom team to configure the SSO for you.

Now available with Banno Business for Banks

Banno Online: Access to iPay SSO

If your Cash Management users have already enrolled in Bill pay via Cash Management (which must be done in NetTeller), they can now access the iPay SSO directly in Banno. Access to the iPay SSO lets business users manage their related payments without leaving Banno and logging in elsewhere.

Now that this more-crucial iPay SSO functionality is available in Banno, we will continue to enhance the experience by adding iPay SSO enrollment capabilities for Banno Business at a later date.

Edited Monday, November 6: We made clarifying edits to make it obvious that iPay SSO enrollment is not yet available in the Banno Platform.

Heads Up • Banno Platform™

Partner integrations update

You may have noticed a couple of recently added sections on your External applications screen in Banno People, now that our engineering team has completed the API connections with two more of the partner integrations Jack Henry has secured for our customers.

MX integration for personal finance management

Our partnership with MX lets our customers offer access to MX's personal finance management (PFM) solutions via a secure, natively integrated API connection. With this integration complete, your accountholders can now add MX apps—plus the fintech apps that MX aggregates—to their Connected apps and take greater control of their personal finances.

For more information about this partner, visit

Akoya native integration completed

Our partnership with Akoya lets our customers offer secure connection with a leading data aggregator, so you can provide accountholders increased security, visibility, and control over their financial data. The Akoya API connection is now finished, and end users can add the fintech apps that Akoya aggregates to their Connected apps.

Requesting support for partner integrations

Implementing and managing the API connections with our many partner integrations comes with zero lift and zero additional cost for your financial institution. We cannot, however, provide support for the individual applications or end user issues. If your financial institution or accountholders encounter issues with either integration, please remember to contact their support teams directly:

Coming Soon • Banno Mobile™

Fighting Android overlay attacks

Your Android users may be relieved to know that Banno Mobile version 3.8 contains a security enhancement to help prevent bad actors from targeting fraudulent entry through non-system overlay windows on Android devices. Because such attacks have become increasingly commonplace, we are implementing a Google-recommended method to hide non-system overlays altogether in the Android app, starting when version 3.8 hits the Google Play store early this November.

Heads Up • Digital Banking reminders


Here are a couple things to remember as we round into the holidays.

App store developer policies

To ensure that your end users can always upgrade to the newest Banno Mobile versions we release, remember to stay current on deployment requirements for the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. For a refresher on those requirements, please review our documentation on Deploying Banno apps, managing Android Application Keys, and setting up App Store Connect API keys.

Upcoming events

Remember to reserve your seats for these upcoming events:

Heads up • Banno Digital Toolkit™

Toolkit Corner: Press releases and social media

If you’ve built and deployed a plugin card (or had someone else build one for you), then you may be wondering how to best share the news with the rest of the world.

Good news! We have guides dedicated to helping you share the news:

  • Prepare Your Press Release: This guide covers some things to consider and also includes resource templates which may be helpful in preparing a press release.
  • Share on Social Media: This guide covers things to think about which may be helpful when sharing on social media.
Screenshot of the dashboard in Treasury Management PWA (in beta).
Feature Enhancements • JHA Treasury Management™

Progressive Web App update

The Treasury Management team continues marching forward on the Progressive Web Application (PWA) strategy. Features continue to be rolled out and the experience refined based upon fantastic feedback from our three beta testing banks.

To date, the team has delivered the dashboard, account and transaction features, payments, payment activity, and payment approvals. And now they're hard at work on Positive Pay features as well as Remote Deposit Capture (RDC).

Feature Enhancements • JHA Treasury Management™

Treasury Management case studies

Curious about how other banks have implemented and had success with Treasury Management? Check out these two case studies:

New Feature • Banno Mobile™

eStatement prompt ready for Banno Mobile apps

We're excited to announce that the eStatement prompt feature has been approved for release on iOS and Android devices! Shipping in mobile builds 3.8, this feature encourages unenrolled users to sign up for eStatements. Head to the Knowledge Base to learn more about the eStatement prompt.

Screenshot of Banno Business user management permissions screen.
Banno Business Updates • Banno Online™ & Banno People™

Coming soon: New Business features for all!

Our bank and credit union Banno Business customers can look forward to some new features during November.

Business Activity feed

Business administrators and institution employees will soon have a new view into activity for a business. We are working to surface a new (separate) Activity feed that shows all activity for a business and its associated users. This will give business admins and your staff the option to view audit trails for any business organization or individual.

Settings menu changes

As part of the change to bring you the Activity feed for Business, we needed to make a few adjustments to the Settings menu for business users. Especially helpful for users with both retail and business accounts, business accounts will now display the business name in the lower left corner where the user’s settings are now.

Additionally, the Settings menu has been expanded to offer quick access to the different types of settings that business users can change. User management can now be accessed by clicking “Business management” under the main Settings menu.

Screenshot of Banno Business user management permissions screen.
Banno Business updates • Banno Online™ & Banno People™

New Business beta features for credit unions

Our credit union customers who are beta testing Banno Business have some extra new treats to play with this month. Take a peak at what we’ve conjured up just in time for Halloween.

External application permissions for businesses

External applications prove to be a tricky problem for our business customers. Your staff may not know all the employees at each of your businesses and may not know who should have access to which application. Now you can put that decision in the hands of the businesses themselves! The user profile in User management has been expanded to include an area for turning the display of external applications on and off for each user.

If you would prefer, your staff can still manage this from within People for either the business as a whole or for just an individual user.

Deleting a business user

Your business administrators now have the option in Banno Online to delete organization members as necessary. This enables businesses to be able to quickly self-service management of their users.

If organization admins prefer a helping hand, your credit union staff can now also delete business users in Banno People. Just make sure your staff have the new Delete everything permission, so they will see the option on the user’s profile page.

New Feature • Banno People™

Segmented messages

It’s happening! The ability to send messages to segments of users will be in beta shortly, and you've likely seen that some of the related functionality has already been released to production:

  • We updated our content editor with improved security as well as look and feel.
  • We added a way to Send now, so you no longer need to select a time in the past when you need to send a message right away.
  • You can now specify push notification text to provide context that increases the likelihood your users will open them.

And the hits keep coming! Similar to the targeted deep links in Marketing ads, soon your staff can use deep links in messages, so they can share specific in-app views with end users.

Heads up • Banno Platform™ Knowledge Base

Documentation updates

See the latest information on the Knowledge Base:

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact Support.

Release notes are posted in the For Clients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.



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