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December 2022

Video chat for Conversations, Mastercard Click to Pay integration, Geezeo transaction enrichment, and a new look for Toolkit docs

Happy holidays to you and your families! It's the end of another calendar year and I’m sure 2022 has brought all of us many wonderful memories - and many new features from Banno too! It's been a full and exciting year here at Jack Henry, lots of new features for your teams to play with. Before you step into 2023, take a moment to check what our teams have been wrapping up this month before we all head out for the holidays.

Concept image for video chat screen design.
Coming Soon • Banno Support™, Banno Online™, & Banno Mobile™

Video chat: A Conversations piece

Conversations is gaining a powerful new tool to help your support teams solve the more complex problems your accountholders are experiencing. Coming within the next month or so, video chat will enable your support teams to escalate any Conversation to a video chat to discuss difficult issues or screen share so you’re looking at the same thing.

Video chats will start from a Conversation and can only be initiated by your support users, but once the “video room” is open, any of your support agents with the appropriate permissions can join it.

We're wrapping up the contract and operational details for video and screen sharing right now. To learn more, reach out to after the new year.

New Feature • Banno Mobile™ and Banno Online™

Mastercard® Click to Pay

Jack Henry and Mastercard have partnered up once again to provide your card holders the new Click to Pay integration—a convenient and secure way to provision their Mastercard debit cards to supported merchants who use Mastercard Click to Pay. The integrated feature connects cardholders with Mastercard's payment service, making it easy and convenient to check-out at their favorite online merchant.

Within Banno Mobile and Online, your customers can visit the new Wallets and connections menu item in Card management and connect their debit cards to make one-click purchases at supported Mastercard Click to Pay merchants.

This feature requires tokenization and is available to institutions that are active with digital wallets like Apple Pay® or Google Pay™. To check your eligibility, please contact your Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) at JHA Card Processing Solutions™.

Image of the Geezeo Transactions enrichment screen design.
Coming Soon • Banno People™, Banno Online™, & Banno Mobile™

Geezeo® transaction enrichment

It’s really happening—transaction enrichments will soon be available on the Banno Platform™. If you’re familiar with our Geezeo PFM tools, then you’ve seen the value that having enriched transactions brings to you and your users.

Once this feature is enabled for your institution, your end users' new transactions will pass through our powerful enrichment engine, where they will be categorized and returned with a cleansed description that users can easily understand. These enriched transactions will also feature informative icons so users can quickly identify the transaction category—for a better glimpse into how they’re spending their money.

We’re always looking for ways to improve your users' financial wellness, and bringing transaction enrichments to their online banking experience is a big step in that direction.

Stay tuned for rollout details: We're working with our Operations team to plan a smooth rollout. For now, we can say that individual institutions will have time to alert your end users before green lighting us to enable the feature. Support does not have additional info yet, but rest assured that we'll share specific details about the release plan and any configuration requirements in an upcoming statement.

Heads up • Banno Online™ and Banno People™

friendly reminder that Firefox ESR is not supported

Recently, we've seen an uptick in requests to consider adding support for Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR). While we are happy to provide support for users on the standard-release version of Firefox, we cannot permit traffic from the Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) browser. This version of Firefox lags more than 12 months behind the updates that standard Firefox releases include. Therefore, the ESR release cycle significantly exceeds the criteria for unstable versions defined in our Browser support policy.

We recognize that this may cause frustration, and we want to thank you for understanding that this precaution is necessary to protect the security and reliability of your digital banking platform.

Heads up • Banno Digital Toolkit™

Toolkit Corner: Updated look and feel for docs

We’ve updated the look and feel of the Digital Toolkit docs to make content simpler to find and easier to read—including improved support for viewing on mobile devices.

It’s the same developer content you know and love, only easier on the eyes in both light and dark mode.

Heads up • Banno Digital Platform™ Knowledge Base

Documentation updates

As we round out the year, we’re thrilled that more than 38,000 people visited the Knowledge Base in 2022 to read the new or updated documentation that new features and functionalities require. Check out the latest and greatest:

  • Remote deposit capture: Now this RDC article addresses the requirements for displaying check images in Banno Apps as well as new details about Ensenta.
  • End user enrollment: These FAQs focus on credit union members enrolling in Banno Apps. We’ll add similar information for banks in the coming year.
  • Admin platform authentication: We added details to this article on managing 2FA settings for end users and institution employees, including employees with an international number.
  • Banno Business update: We're in lock-step with the Business team, editing documentation for beta users as new features and enhancements roll out.

Writing docs is a never-ending job (thankfully!), and we appreciate all of you who utilize this valuable resource to help your users! As we continue analyzing site traffic and reviewing support cases, we’re excited to bring new docs and user guides your way in 2023!

Image of the Banno Business User management 'new user invitation success' screen design.
Business updates • Banno Online™ and Banno People™

User management updates for beta customers

Last month, we were a bit too eager and announced some updates for Banno Business before they were ready for beta testers to try out. So... sorta like that year you overheard what a couple of your presents were before the big morning, we’ll start our updates by unwrapping a recap of the improvements that are now available.

Available in People and Online: Improvements to editing permissions

When viewing or editing some User management permissions for organization users, certain permissions cannot be edited until their respective parent permissions have been enabled. These dependencies caused confusion for our beta testers, so we revised how permissions are organized to better indicate the order in which they must be modified.

Coming soon in Online: Create & invite new users

Creating and inviting new users to your organization is about to get easier! Organization administrators will no longer need to flip between NetTeller Back Office and Banno when adding a new user to the organization. Now they can add users directly from Banno. In the event that a user is created in NetTeller, the user will automatically be created within Banno as well—no need for manual intervention.

Look for this change in User management before the end of the calendar year—just in time for the holidays!

Heads Up • Banno Platform™ reminders


In the spirit of giving, let us share a few things for the ol' memory bank.

Finicity® and Geezeo® Q&A session

As mentioned in our November Digital Banking Meetup, we are hosting a live Q&A session with Jack Henry Chief Digital & Technology Officer Ben Metz and the digital banking leadership team on Friday, January 20 at 11 a.m. CT. Snag your seat today!

Case Tag reporting

The new Case Tag column we described in the October statement should be included in the existing All Conversations report shortly after the first of the year.

Permissions segments

As noted last time around, we decided to beta test this feature before releasing it to everyone. Our beta institutions are testing now, and we will launch just as soon as they've helped us confirm that everything is working as planned.

Final Mobile release of 2022

Banno Mobile version 2.48 was the final release of 2022. Look for our next Mobile release to hit the app stores in early February.

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact Support.

Release notes are posted in the For Clients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.



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