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November 2022

Permissions segments, searchable Banno Toolkit docs, Banno Business update, and a new look for the Knowledge Base

Thanks a million!

What a year it's been so far, friends! We've been hard at it since January, and you know we'll be rocking & rolling right up through the end of December, minus a few days to recharge with family and loved ones during the holidays.

After you read our latest offerings and updates below (all spiffied up in our newly designed statement layout!) be sure to keep scrolling so you can check out older statements listed in our convenient new Previously stated section.

Image of the Permissions segments screen design.
Coming Soon • Banno People

Permissions segments: Manage user permissions in bulk

As you saw last month and during the Quarterly Meetup, financial institution admins who have the Manage everything - users, messages & settings permission will have the option to bulk-assign Transfers permissions to a specified segment of end users.

The feature, which will soon be ready for all financial institutions, involves two short processes:​ A. Creating segments, which can be saved for later use, including for Banno Marketing campaigns (if you're a premium Marketing customer) and B. Assigning permissions for Internal and External Transfers, complete with fees, limits, and other details that can currently be defined on the Permissions tab of an individual user's profile page.​

Playing it super safe

During rollout-prep discussions with our Operations team, we decided that it's best to run this one through a brief, closed beta testing period before releasing. Once the beta tester we're working with confirms that all is well, we will proceed with the plan to enable Permissions segments for all financial institutions, as described in the October Statement.

heads up • Banno People and Banno Online

FSCC Payment enhancements

As you can tell, we've hit a slight bump that pushed our original release date for Full Service Credit Card (FSCC) Payment enhancements back from October, but we’re now prepared to get this in your hands! We expect to turn this feature on for all eligible* customers during the last week of November.

*If your financial institution is on SilverLake and contracted for Jack Henry FSCC you should see Payment enhancements enabled shortly after the holiday weekend. We appreciate your patience.

heads up • Banno People and Banno Online

Geezeo update

We’re still hard at work on delivering you integrated Geezeo® features. We’re currently beta testing the Spending Wheel and Insights cards with customers. Please hold tight as we continue to make progress toward getting these great features in your hands. And, yes, your patience on the Geezeo front is certainly on our Thankful for list.

Heads Up • Banno Platform reminders


Don't forget about these recent updates either:

  • Final Mobile release of 2022: Due to the oh-so hectic holidays this month and next, Banno Mobile version 2.48 will be our last release (shipping in early December) until Banno Mobile version 3.0 hits the stores in early February. For more on our Mobile release process, be sure to read the related FAQ.
  • Case Tag reporting: We announced the coming addition of Support case tag tracking last month. It looks like the corresponding new column should be included in the existing All Conversations report sometime this December.
  • Earliest-supported Mobile operating systems: Starting with Banno Mobile 2.47, support has ended for iOS versions 14.0 and under as well as Android versions 7.0 and under. For more info on our OS and browser support standards, view our policy.
  • Show status message: As you may have seen in our most-recent release notes (dated 11/02/2022), Show status message admin controls are now live on the Offline mode screen in People.
Screenshot of the Digital Toolkit Docs search feature.
Heads up • Banno Digital Toolkit

Toolkit Corner: The Search for Docs

🖖 Ever the Enterprising crew, your favorite Developer Relations team has launched another great feature on JackHenry.Dev. If your developers seek out the API secrets needed to boldly build the external apps no one has built before, they'll be glad to discover that the Digital Toolkit docs are now searchable!

What’s this mean? The new search functionality will make things much easier when developers are looking for answers about the Toolkit. Now they can quickly find the technical docs they need by searching terms like build a plugin, accounts, authentication, and more.

To get started, just click the search icon in the top-right corner of the Digital Toolkit docs!

Business updates • Banno People and Banno Online

User Management updates for beta customers

With the end of the year quickly approaching, our teams are working hard to deliver as many Banno Business updates as possible. We’re excited to share that we have a few updates our beta customers can get their hands on!

The changes described below are available now in both Banno People and Banno Online.

Improvements to editing related permissions

When viewing or editing some User Management permissions for organization users, some permissions have dependencies on others before they can be changed. The relationships between these permissions wasn’t the clearest, which led to confusion for our users. In response, we revised how permissions are organized to make it clearer which ones have dependencies and which ones must be set first before others can be modified.

History events

Changes to organizations and organization users in User management and People will now generate history events. These events are available in the Activity feed for the authorized financial institution personnel, the organization administrator, and the organization user.

Screenshot of the refreshed Banno Digital Platform Knowledge Base design.
Heads up • Banno Digital Platform Knowledge Base

Documentation updates

You may have noticed an inviting, clean new look for the Knowledge Base last week! In keeping up with the recent Jack Henry rebrand, we updated the site’s aesthetics for a fresher and more-modern feel. We also made some improvements in search performance to boot.

To check out the new digs and learn a thing or two along the way, we invite you to start with the documentation we published or updated during November:

  • Transactions: As end users print or download their transaction activity, here's a "note" about notes.
  • Zelle® enrollment: This article includes a few tips to ensure an end user successfully enrolls in Zelle.
  • Digital product collateral: You can now find downloadable collateral for our Digital Banking products on the Knowledge Base.
  • Deploying Banno apps: We added an FAQ answering some questions regarding new app versions, when they deploy, etc.
  • Banno Business update: We're busy working to provide all things Positive pay!

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact Support.

Release notes are posted in the For Clients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.

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