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October 2022

Positive Pay beta, Case tag reporting, & Conversations for Business on Android

Treat or Treat!

Halloween is right around the corner, which tells us it's already time for another Banno statement! We've been heads-down most of the month, working on some really great features—like Banno Business, Geezeo® transactions, Spanish support, and more. Still, we better come up for air long enough to hand out the product updates below.

Content warning: Sorry to disappoint our fellow Halloween enthusiasts, but this statement is a designated trick-free area. Readers beware!

Coming Soon • Platform

Direct Connect update

Last month we shared our plans to start rolling out the Direct Connect feature—for Intuit and Quicken desktop products—in November. We’re targeting the very end of November so we can bring you the below features along with this security enhancement.

  • Activity event: We will be adding a history event to show when your accountholders have approved a connection. We'll release the new event in early- to mid-November.
  • Expanding on the Direct Connect page: We believe the current Security and Direct Connect applications screens could be a bit more robust, so we're updating the user-interface copy to provide more information—for both financial institutions and end users. We anticipate that you'll see these changes late in November or early in December.

There’s also still time for you to request an early opt-in. Open a case with our support team to enable “Banno/Direct Connect Authentication.”

Reminder: Direct Connect is available for all SilverLake, Core Director, and CIF 20/20 customers.* For all the details, please see our Direct Connect with Intuit and Quicken guide in the Knowledge Base.

*Please note that this statement article—initially published on Oct 28—was edited on Oct. 31 to correct an inaccurate reference to our (unrelated) NetTeller DirectLine products. Apologies for the confusion.

Picture of the Conversations UI changes.
Coming soon • Android

Conversations for Business... on the go

Much of the Conversations for Business features detailed in the September statement will be available for our Android app soon as well. Once the changes are released, every Android user on the latest version will notice a few small UI adjustments, and business users who are a part of our Banno Business beta will have access to the full Conversations for Business capabilities:

  • The conversations detail menu has been modified to now include every participant, and contains the menu option to close the conversation (formerly ‘Delete conversation’).
  • Your SLA (expected reply time messaging) will remain fixed at the beginning of the conversation until an agent responds.
  • We’ve updated our verbiage for attaching elements from “Ask us about this…” to “Attach to a conversation."
  • Beta: Business users can securely chat with other users in their organization, send attachments, and get support from your financial institution as needed.

Fear not, Apple loyalists! Our iOS team is hard at work on all of this same functionality and it will be coming soon! No support case is needed for any of this functionality.

Heads Up • Platform reminders


Don't forget about these recent updates either:

  • Ending support for iOS 14.0: When Banno Mobile 2.47 is released (slated for early November), our earliest-supported iOS version will become iOS 15.0.
  • Reporting a lost card: As described in our most-recent release notes, we updated the confirmation text displayed when an end user reports a lost card on the Card services screen. Note that this change only affects our Full-Service Credit Card (FSSC) customers and does not impact debit cards.
  • Show status message: Also described in the latest release notes, the admin controls for the Show status message feature are now available on the Offline mode screen in People.
  • Support settings permission: If you haven’t made your permissions changes yet, here’s one more reminder that you now have the ability to restrict Support Settings to only the users who should have it. For more details, review the announcement in the May 2022 statement.
Screenshot of Have a Question card on
Heads up • Digital Toolkit

Toolkit Corner: Getting help with the Digital Toolkit

We’ve created a "Have a question?" block that appears on each page of the Digital Toolkit docs. This will make it easier for you to find how to get help by asking us a question on Stack Overflow or by attending the monthly Digital Toolkit Meetup.

New Feature • People & Online

Positive pay for beta customers

We’re continuing to chip away at Banno Business features, and we can’t wait for beta customers to see our latest offerings. Here are a few new features we’re currently giddy over:

  • Upload & Approve Issued items: When a user wants to upload a file of issued items, we’ve created a default CSV file format for their reference. Once they upload their file, they will be able to review and approve those issued items in a single flow.
  • Check Exceptions: If any issued items are flagged as exceptions, users will easily be able to view those exceptions and details surrounding the flag. Then, they can choose to either pay or return the checks, and they'll see a confirmation showing their decision.
  • Manually Enter Issued items: Should a user only have a few checks to upload, they can manually enter the information. Once entered, they’ll be taken through the same easy review-and-approve process.
Coming soon • Banno Support

Case tag reporting

We’ve been listening to all of your feedback about Conversations reporting and are working through the best ways to go about improving the feature set. We’re starting by adding case tag tracking to the existing All Conversations report. Soon, there will be a new column that will include each tag assigned to the case. Stay tuned, we’ll provide more details in the coming weeks!

Image of the Permissions segments screen design.
Coming soon • People

Permissions segments: Manage user permissions in bulk

Soon, your financial institution's authorized admins will have the option to bulk-assign Transfers permissions to a specified segment of end users, and we will be following up with additional permissions as quickly as possible.

The Permissions segments feature will be available for all financial institutions within the next few weeks, so please click the Release details button to see what you can expect for the rollout:

Heads up • Knowledge Base & Help Center

Documentation updates

While Banno Business continues to hold our primary focus, we've also updated a few unrelated docs for you:

  • Permissions: A new Support settings permission was created so that only approved employees can edit support settings. If you haven't already, check out our Best Practices Guide! It includes additional guidance on how to manage permissions for your team.
  • iPay enrollment: Here's a set of tips to help ensure an end user successfully enrolls in iPay.
  • Holiday travel prep: With the holiday season soon upon us, it's a good time to brush up on our travel notices feature—for SilverLake financial institutions with the CPS debit card platform and JHA’s Fraud Center.

On the Banno Business front, beta customers will notice that as features like User Management and Positive Pay expand in functionality, so does our related documentation.

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact Support.

Release notes are posted in the For Clients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.



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