It’s another beautiful October here on planet Earth, and that means sweet treats for everyone—especially your users and employees! Are we announcing free candy as a new feature? Not quite yet, but we’ll start sweet talking Ben to consider roadmapping it for next Halloween. As for this time around, we’re passing out a handful of Banno goodies in the form of new features, improvements, and reminders. Get the full scoop on just what’s changed below!

Heads up • Apps

Urgent Google developer account changes

We have been communicating for several months, and in a variety of ways like the Banno Monthly Statement, SLA’s, a message to you in Banno People™️, and the Monthly Meetup call that there are required changes in your Google developer account. If you have not yet made those changes, Android version 2.35 will be the last version we submit to the Google Play Store for your institution. This will not remove the existing app from being available for download at this time, but please be aware that you will no longer be receiving any bug fixes or any new feature enhancements.

Don’t wait any longer! For instructions on how to complete this setup, you can navigate here.

Image of the Periwinkle showcase site
Heads up • Content

Shiny new Showcase themes

​​Our library of Showcase themes is growing! Over the past few months, we have released a totally revamped Showcase offering that allows for stunning, yet quick-to-market website creation. We are also working on two additional designs to add to the mix. Check out the existing themes and keep an eye out for the newbies.

New feature • Online

Easier access to documents in Online

The documents quick action and updated list view have almost made it into Banno Online™️. Your users will soon be able to easily navigate to either your configured SSO or native documents right from the dashboard and will find updated filtering, making it easier to locate the document they are looking for. This enhancement is coming within the next couple of weeks and will automatically appear for institutions with documents configured.

Coming soon • Mobile & Online

iPay SSO for business

We’ll soon be updating our iPay SSO to support Cash Management users and their ability to access the business bill pay SSO features from iPay. This SSO works just like the retail SSO from the Payments landing page in Banno Online. A few pieces to note: enrollment is not supported—Cash Management users will still need to enroll by first accessing the Cash Management SSO followed by the iPay SSO or be added via iPay’s back office tools, this functionality is only available to Cash Management users.

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact Support.

Release notes are posted in the For Clients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.

Heads up • Toolkit

Creating external applications for the Admin API

Good news! Managing your back office just got easier thanks to our latest Admin API updates. The new Developers section under Users & Groups lets your personnel create or edit an external app—required to automate admin duties—without exiting Banno. The new experience also lets your busy decision makers easily provide Admin API access to trusted third-party vendors and partners, making that process much less daunting.

To get started or learn more details about associated users, the client credentials flow, initial configuration, and more, check out the related developer documentation.

Heads up • People

NuDetect enforcement in Banno People

Back in August we released the NuDetect score config to a few beta institutions and now we’re happy to announce that as of last week, we’ve made the configuration available for all NuDetect customers. You’ll find the configuration in People under Settings. Today, the scores are set extremely high so no enforcement will occur until you configure it on your own. You can review how to configure your scores and some tips on setting your enforcement scores here.

Heads up • Platform

Browser and operating system support

To support the security measures we put in place to keep your data safe, we require the use of modern browsers and operating systems. As new versions are released, the Banno Digital Platform will deprecate support for older versions. Effective November 1, 2021 our mobile applications will no longer support iOS versions 13.0 and under or Android versions 6.0 and under.

Additionally, we recently released an update to Banno Online which no longer supports Safari browsers older than version 14. For more information, you can visit our Browser and Support Policy page.

Image of the updated Segments view
New feature • Marketing

Banno Marketing™️ segment improvements

Marketing customers will notice an improvement to the user experience for our Marketing segments. The segments list has added new sorting and filtering capabilities, as well as a source indicator, which establishes the framework for segments to be created automatically by Banno or by third parties, not just within Marketing. You will also be able to edit an existing segment by uploading a new CSV file. With your upload, you specify if the users in the CSV should be removed, added, or if you’d like to replace the entire segment. This functionality will be rolled out to all of our Banno Marketing customers in early November. And more good news! There’s no need to open a case to gain these new features, as they will be turned on for everyone with Marketing.