🎶 Looks like we maaaade it

Well friends, the longest year in history is starting to wind down. As we round into the homestretch and many of us prep for Thanksgiving fun, the Banno team is feeling extra grateful. We’re lucky to do what we do, and we’re thankful to have you onboard for the ride... Speaking of which, keep readin' for a peek at the road left to travel in 2021.

Image of the Account list search filter.
New Feature • Mobile & Online

Account list search & filtering

As part of our efforts to improve our app experience for users with many accounts, we’re adding a real time-saver to the next Banno Mobile™️ release. All users (with or without numerous accounts) will soon have the option to search and filter through their account lists, making it possible for your heavy-hitters to instantly find the specific account needed to perform the task at hand.

Your high-volume account holders can get their hands on this new search and filter functionality in Banno Mobile version 2.37, and they’ll find it available in Banno Online™️ right around the same time.

And with no configuration and no user support case needed, we're thankful to say there's no additional lift for your staff. Everybody wins!

Tutorial • Toolkit

Building a Plugin with an External API

Interested in integrating an external API with Banno? You can—by building a custom plugin. And wouldn't you know it, our Developer Advocate team wants to make that easy on you!

To ensure the learning curve isn’t too steep, we’ve created a plugin development tutorial you can follow to build a real-world ‘dashboard announcements’ plugin that leverages Airtable’s external API to retrieve data from the Airtable database.

Once you've finished the tutorial, your employees will find the new plugin in Banno People™️, where they can use it to write and display announcements on the Banno dashboard.

Heads up • Apps

❗️Reminder: App Store updates

Remember that both Apple and Google have changed their App Store requirements. To ensure that our continuous development system can build, deploy, and manage all aspects of your application, we need your help making updates to your institution’s developer account.

These instructions should make the updates as headache-free as possible: Deploying Banno apps.

Heads up • Toolkit

Just a little bit of PKCE dust

Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE, pronounced ‘pixie’) is an OAuth extension that enhances security for public clients that must authenticate to Banno APIs. The extension provides better security for mobile apps and JavaScript apps that use our Authentication Framework.

To learn more and see how the extension works, check out the PKCE topic page in the Authentication Framework section of our Digital Toolkit documentation.

Heads up • Banno Support

Business Entitlements for Silverlake and CIF 20/20 institutions

In preparation for future enhancements to Banno Business™️ and cash management entitlements, our engineers will soon implement a few behind-the-scenes improvements to our service layer calls used for the institutions that were early Banno adopters. Note that more recently onboarded institutions were already using the improved service layer calls and will not be affected by the updates.

These changes require support, but there’s no need to open a case yourself. We’ve got our earliest adopter list ready, and you know we’re checking it twice! If your institution is listed, we’ll open a support case on your behalf with your jSource administrator set as the primary contact.

Heads up • Apps

Sunsetting third-party aggregation

It’s no secret that over the last several years our third-party aggregation services have become ever-more frustrating as additional financial institutions have dropped aggregation support, not to mention begun blocking access to the data altogether. Today, it’s clear that our third-party account aggregation features no longer serve your users well.

Therefore, on December 27, 2021, adding third-party financial institutions through Banno Apps will not be possible. For details, click Read More:

Update • Mobile & Online

Plaid Exchange

As we wrap up the work to prepare for the Plaid integration you’ve heard so much about, your employees may see some related info in Banno People and wonder if the feature is already available. While our engineers are nearly finished building every piece of the puzzle that we need to deliver, the Plaid team still has a little legwork left.

Once they’ve got things ready for us, we’ll jump into the final waves of the project so we can roll out the Plaid integration for your users as quickly as possible.

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact Support.

Release notes are posted in the For Clients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.