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January 2024

Banno Business™ updates • Advanced Analytics enablement • Treasury Management™ updates • Segmented messages available now • Plus more

Can you believe we're already rolling into February 2024?! We aren't sure where last 13 months went, but it sure flew by for our teams at Jack Henry. What is it they say? Out with the old and in with the new!

Speaking of new, we're excited to share what we've been up to during January. We have hit the ground running and there's more to come in the year ahead — so stay tuned!

Heads up • Banno Platform™

Advanced Analytics enablement

If you’ve been waiting to leverage our Advanced Analytics data, your wait is nearing an end. Starting in February, our operations team will begin sending contracted customers instructions to connect the data feed from your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) project to your preferred Analytics reporting platform — that you'll use to view the data.

To prepare for a smooth process, please identify someone on your team who can access your GCP Console and who has the technical know-how and experience necessary to complete the configuration steps that our operations team provides. Then, keep an eye on your email inbox. We'll be in touch ASAP with the instructions you need.

Still considering Advanced Analytics?

If you're not yet familiar with how our Advanced Analytics data offering can enhance your strategic planning, we'd love to hear from you. To learn more, just spin up an email for our Digital Sales Team.

Image of the Segmented messages screen.
New feature • Banno People™

Segmented messages now live

We're thrilled to announce that Segmented messages was released in late January, and your authorized administrators can now craft more-targeted messages and push notifications to reach valuable niche groups within your user base.

Ready to get started? Head to the Digital Knowledge base to read our updated Messages documentation and brush up on our user Segments documentation.

Heads up • JHA Treasury Management™

Treasury Management PWA

As promised, we're excited to share valuable insights and pertinent details on the latest updates to our Progressive Web App (PWA).

The introduction of the All Accounts View ensures a comprehensive overview of your financial portfolio, while the Type to Filter feature simplifies navigation. Tailor your financial view with ease using advanced filtering options, providing a personalized and streamlined user experience. Security takes center stage with the addition of the revolutionary Check Positive Pay workflow. This game-changing feature introduces new views that offer a comprehensive overview of positive pay items.

Whether you’re managing accounts, navigating transactions, or securing payments, our PWA is designed to meet your needs. Embrace a seamless journey with our PWA, where every feature is crafted to empower you in achieving unparalleled control and efficiency. For additional details, please refer to our newly updated Treasury Management PWA FAQ. Be sure to keep an eye out for more information in our future statements.

Heads up • JHA Treasury Management™

Focused learning engagements

Did you know that your JHA Treasury Management team offers Focused Learning Engagements?

Our focused learning engagements can be customized to meet your needs. Onboarding new employees? We can help. Want to make the most of certain features and increase product adoption? We’ll develop a plan to ensure success.

Ready to engage? Contact Chuck Bitner today to learn more!

Heads Up • JHA Treasury Management™

Unified Identity Service

Unified Identity is just around the corner (for real)! Be sure to check out the refreshed downloadable FAQ, which has net-new and updated information as well as a short video of the feature in action.

Heads up • Banno People™

Updated data access activity event

We have made an update to the activity event that is logged when a user or third party accesses the user’s data by an API connection — either directly or via an SSO. Previously, this event was only created when the accountholder accessed an SSO or plugin, but the scope has been expanded to include events recorded when third parties, such as Plaid or Finicity, access the user’s data.

The event text has been adjusted as follows:

Before the change: “Accessed [external application] via single sign-on"

Updated verbiage: “[External application] accessed data via API"

While the change may seem minor, it’s important to understand that the related event is not always triggered by the direct action of an accountholder.

Heads up • Digital Banking Platform™ reminders


We want to make sure that you are aware of these important communications we've shared in recent statements and/or by email.

ESI native integration rollout

As detailed in the related SLA we sent on January 17, we enabled all eligible financial institutions for our Electronic Statements - Interactive™ (ESI) API functionality on January 25 and immediately migrated our most popular eStatement features into your Online and Mobile environments! This change, along with the fact that we now support Cash Management enrollment (as announced in the December Statement), makes our eStatement enrollment prompt an even-more effective way to increase your user enrollment! If you haven't done it already, remember to enable the eStatement prompt for your institution in Banno People.

Google Play Store policy changes

Effective March 31, 2024, any apps within the Google Play Store must comply with stricter data privacy standards outlined in the updated Google Play Developer Policy. These updates prioritize transparency, user control, and robust data protection.

If your privacy policies are not compliant by this date, there is a risk that your Android app will be rejected by Google’s review process until these requirements are met.

So we can ensure that your app is not rejected, please complete this form that communicates to Jack Henry that you have made necessary changes to your privacy policy.

Upcoming events

Save your seat now for these upcoming events:

Heads up • Banno Digital Toolkit™

Toolkit Corner: Good practices for authentication flows

With each new year, comes new opportunities for lifestyle changes. Our New Year’s Resolution is to make it easier for developers to understand how they can improve their use of the Authentication Framework for even better security.

With that in mind, we’ve updated the Consumer API’s authentication quickstart with good practices for using the code challenge, code verifier, state, and nonce parameters as part of OAuth and OpenID Connect authentication flows. Please share these good practices with your developers!

Heads up • Banno Mobile™ & Banno Online™

Power up your PowerOns: Open Sub Account

We have several enhancements that have been made to the Open Sub Account PowerOn. Below is some of the new functionality you may be interested in:

  • Added ability for existing name records that are at the share and/or loan level to be copied to the new share
  • CU can customize error messages that are displayed to the member
  • CU can specify a limit of how many of each share type can be created
  • Added display of minimum opening balance to the share selection screen
  • Corrected some rate calculation issues for rates stored in dividend type rate tables

If your credit union does not currently have this PowerOn, this is a great feature to allow your members to create their own savings, checking, certificate, and/or club shares. The credit union can control which share types the member is able to open, and the PowerOn will create the share directly in Symitar.

If you are interested in installing or upgrading the Open Sub Account PowerOn, please submit a case via the For Clients portal. Need to check your Open Sub Account PowerOn version? Follow these steps.

Heads up • Banno Mobile™

Digital provisioning & issuance for Visa cardholders

⚡ Heads up, Visa card customers! ⚡ We expect to begin supporting the ability to provision Visa cards to Apple Wallet and Google Pay in mere months. Better still, this convenient option for cardholders will be available to banks and credit unions alike. If you've signed a contract for this functionality, we'll reach out once we're ready to get started!

Want to be at the front of the line when the Provisioning + Issuance feature goes live? Drop our sales team a line right away to get contracted:

Image of screen Banno Business users see when creating a single wire on Banno Mobile.
New feature for Banno Business™ • Banno Mobile™

Create single wire

Perfect for consumers on the go, the next Banno Mobile release will give your end users the power to create single domestic wires with a mobile device. Utilizing the same functionality that they’re familiar with from Banno Online, users will be able to complete the entire wire workflow from anywhere.

The ability to create single wires will become available to SilverLake banks when Banno Mobile version 3.10 hits the mobile stores — likely in the first two weeks of February.

Our beta partners testing Banno Business for Credit Unions (who are on Symitar without NetTeller) can also use the feature after upgrading to Mobile version 3.10.

Coming Soon to Banno Business™ beta for CUs • Banno Online™ & Banno People™

View accounts for credit union business users

We’re excited to announce that soon credit union business members will be able to view External Loans and Transfer Only Accounts in Banno Online, and your staff will be able to see the same accounts in Banno People.

Both newly available account types will be displayed alongside other business accounts, and your staff and business members can manage access to the new accounts just like they do today — in People and the Online > User Management area. If business members have been granted permissions to access a Transfer Only Account, they will see the account listed as an option when using the transfer feature in Banno Online.

New feature • Banno Mobile™

ACH recipient management

Hot on the heels of the last batch of updates for Business ACH for Mobile, we have another round of updates focused on recipient management. Starting with version 3.10, Banno Business users can add, edit, or delete recipients with their mobile phone. Recipients can also be listed as prenote or can be put on hold.

Your business users will enjoy greater control and efficiency, wherever they are, with these new ACH features.

Heads up • Digital Banking Platform™

FDIC logo requirements

You're likely aware of the new regulations regarding usage of the FDIC logo, as described in this letter that the FDIC sent financial institutions in December 2023. No need to worry about submitting a support ticket! Our Design teams have you covered. We will be updating the logo on your behalf before the January 1, 2025 requirement date.

Heads up • Digital Banking Platform™ Knolwedge Base

Documentation updates

Ready to cozy up with some good ol' technical documentation and learn a bit more about your Digital Banking Platform? Check out a few of our latest Knowledge Base updates:

Finally, be sure to visit the new Help Center for documentation on all your Jack Henry products. To access the Help Center for the first time, see these instructions on the Knowledge Base.

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact Support.

Release notes are posted in the For Clients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.



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