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December 2023

Banno Business™ updates • EES alerts for fraud activity • Segmented messages • New Help Center experience • Treasury Management™ updates • Plus more

Ah, we made it through the most wonderful time of the year, when folks around me can’t help but yell “KEVIN!” as though they forgot me when they left for the airport. There are typically a few “Kevin, you’re such a disease” thrown in too, but it’s fine. I’m fine.

In reality, I’m a sucker for the holiday season as much as anyone and it really is wonderful to share some goodies with all of you and your account holders! To name a few: Banno Business has begun making its way into Banno Mobile, segmented messages will be generally available soon, and Enterprise Workflow is about to save your Treasury admins all the clicks. On behalf of the Jack Henry Digital team, we hope you had a truly happy and relaxing holiday season and that you're as ready to take on the new year as we are!

Heads up • Banno Mobile™

Update on timing of Mobile version 3.9

As we continue adapting to the latest iteration of Google Play Store requirements for financial institutions, we've made the decision to delay deployment of our Android app version 3.9 until some point in January. As mentioned in the corresponding release notes ("Banno Release Notes 2023-12-20") published on the For Clients portal, we’re working with Google to release our latest Android app version as quickly as possible. We will send notice just as soon as we can confidently provide a target release date.

We'll also be in touch soon with more details on the updated Google Play Store requirements and how you can prepare for the key changes that affect our industry.

Note: Banno Mobile version 3.9 uploads to the iOS App Store began on December 20, and the mobile features labeled "New feature" in this statement should already be available to your iOS users.

Image of the ACH approval screen design.
Coming soon to Banno Business™ for Credit Unions • Banno Online™ & Banno People™

ACH Approval

Soon, your authorized business members will have more-granular functionality when it comes to ACH management.

Adding Approvals to the ACH process will further protect the businesses that depend on your credit union by requiring that the initiator and the approver of the ACH transactions be separate individuals with different roles. The additional step serves two primary purposes — establish another authentication checkpoint (when each approver initially signs in) and verify proof that each has authorization to approve the ACH.

Approvals are available now to our beta testers who are already using ACH, no support tickets or requests are required.

New feature for Banno Business™ for Credit Unions • Banno Mobile™

View and transmit wires with Banno Mobile

We come bearing exciting news for credit union customers who are testing Banno Business wires! Business members who have upgraded to Banno Mobile version 3.9 can initiate single domestic wires on their mobile devices! Additionally, they can also view all active and historical wires for their business on mobile, complete with transfer details.

Screenshot of the ACH insufficient funds message.
Coming soon to Banno Business™ for Credit Unions • Banno People™

ACH Insufficient Funds Check

When business members' ACH batches send money out of your credit union, the Insufficient Funds (NSF) check will verify that the offset account selected during initiation has enough available balance to cover the entirety of funds included in each batch. Appointed credit union personnel will soon have the option to initiate the NSF check along with other pre-processing batch checks.

The NSF check will not take any action on batches nor change transaction details. Rather, the process is designed to visually indicate which batches in the file will fail — based on the available balance that's present at the time that the NSF check runs. Your staff can then review the results and make any changes to a batch, according to your specific credit union's established policies and procedures.

The NSF check is now available for credit unions that are beta testing our ACH processing functionality.

Image of the Segmented messages screen.
New feature • Banno People™

Segmented messages

The ability to send institution messages to segments of users is slated for release to all customers in January, enabling your authorized administrators to craft more-targeted messages and push notifications to even the most niche groups within your user base.

In the next few months, we’ll also be enabling your staff to send deep links in messages, so they can easily direct account holders to specific in-app screens. Keep an eye on future statements for more deep linking sweetness.

To receive segmented messages in January, there’s nothing else you need to do. The feature will be enabled automatically.

New feature for Banno Business™ • Banno Online™ & Banno Mobile™

ESI API integration for Cash Management users

For some time now, we’ve received valuable feedback that our ESI API integration would be great — if it also supported cash management users. Well, now it does! Admin users of businesses can now enroll in electronic statements via our native documents integration, and all business users can view statements for accounts if they’re entitled to do so.

As we continue to work on this set of functionality, there are a couple things to know:

  • Business users without admin rights may still be able to attempt eStatement enrollment, but it will fail. We have plans to improve error handling around this experience.
  • The View electronic statements permission hasn’t yet made its way into Banno Business user management, but that work is also planned.

With key cash management support in place, we’re now ready to enable the ESI API integration for any financial institution that would benefit from the eStatement prompt. To get the process started, please feel free to submit a case with our support team.

Together, we're moving on to greener pastures, literally, with fewer paper statements in the world!

Heads up • Digital Banking reminders


Here are a couple reminders about new business features and, as always, links to reserve seats for our next meetups.

Activity feeds for Banno Business

As described in the November Statement, your internal staff and your business adminstrators can now see activity events for actions taken by or on behalf of a business, including money movement, changes to entitlements and permissions, and changes to business and user profile settings.

Mobile ACH for Banno Business

As announced in the last Statement, the ability to manage and initiate ACH batches from Banno Mobile is available as of Mobile version 3.9. To get started with viewing, editing, initiating, and uninitiating ACH batches, simply encourage your business users to update their app when the latest version is available.

Upcoming events

Better reserve your spots now for these upcoming events:

Heads up • Banno Digital Toolkit™

Toolkit Corner: New look and feel for developer docs

We've refreshed the look and feel of the developer docs at JackHenry.Dev. Your favorite tech gearhead should enjoy a more cohesive Jack Henry experience now when reviewing our dev docs, as our latest improvements to the site bring greater consistency with other Jack Henry sites.

We've also enhanced the navigation in mobile browsers, so it is easier to move among the developer docs for the various Jack Henry products and APIs that make your digital offerings fire on all cylinders.

We can't hand out new cars for the holidays, but if you were hoping to unwrap a better driving experience this year, the new JackHenry.Dev ride is pretty smooth. Go ahead, then. Take the (API) keys!

Image of the Wire approvals screen.
New feature for Banno Business™ for Credit Unions • Banno Online™ & Banno People™

Wire approvals

We’re continuing to grow the wires functionality within Banno for our credit union customers and members, and the Approvals feature is one major addition we’ve been working on. We’ve added a new entitlement that allows you to control permissions at the institution, business, individual member, and account level. Within Banno, the approval process will require two users to complete a wire initiation.

We’ve also enhanced this feature by sharing who has already approved a wire on the details page and by emailing the requester to let them know their wire needs an additional set of eyes. Something not quite right with the wire? No worries! An authorized business member can reject a wire that's in Approval status and share the reason for doing so. You as the institution can view this action and reason in the user’s Activity events in Banno People.

This functionality is now available to our credit unions that are already beta testing wires.

New feature for Banno Business™ • Banno Platform™

Enterprise Event System (EES) alerts for fraud activity

Fraud. It's a problem, and your financial institution needs solutions to eliminate fraud as often as possible. Fighting fraud is a critical priority for Jack Henry, too. To help stop fraudulent activity and identify high-risk scenarios before financial criminals can act, we have added numerous new alerts that third-party tools can hook into. These alerts will fire at key moments when fraud is most likely to occur — primarily this would be times when money movement is occurring, or new accounts/recipients are being added to a user’s profile.

The new EES events are now ready for our customers and your third-party fintechs. To get started or learn details on how our EES events can help protect your financial institution, head over to JackHenry.Dev and review the EES events documentation.

Heads up • Treasury Management™

Treasury Management Progressive Web App (PWA)

'Tis the season for holiday cheer! The Treasury team is excited to gift you with an update on our PWA and the headway we’ve been making to better enhance your customer’s mobile experience. Following the valuable feedback we’ve received from our three beta banks, as highlighted in our October Statement, we've been hard at work refining the PWA. Thanks to this input, we've been able to create an even more elevated and user-friendly Treasury Management experience on mobile.

We’ll continue our beta testing into the first quarter of the new year, with our sights set on making the PWA generally available early in the second quarter of 2024. For additional details, please refer to our Treasury Management PWA FAQ on the Knowledge Base. It addresses common questions about the project and provides insights into what you can expect from this exciting development.

Stay tuned for more goodness around PWA in the New Year! Thank you for your ongoing support and collaboration as we strive to make your Treasury Management experience the best it can be!

Coming soon • Treasury Management™

Enterprise Workflow (EWF) enhancements

Wanna make life easier when it comes to onboarding Treasury Management companies? We’re going to help! By using EWF with Treasury you can not only eliminate the need for hundreds of clicks, but also eliminate the possibility of error due to manual processes. With your existing EWF contract, these workflows will be available to you via the Marketplace starting early next year. When available, the workflows will provide a starting point that you can customize to fit your specific needs.

We’ll be providing information regarding Treasury Management EWF availability in the January Statement.

Coming soon to Banno Business™ for Credit Unions • Banno Online™ & Banno People™

Enhancing transfer only accounts for credit union businesses

Currently, your business members are limited to sending money transfers to and from accounts that they can fully access. We can all agree that needs to change! We’re working on a new feature that will let those same business members transfer funds to and from accounts they would otherwise not be able to access.

To protect both your credit union and your business members, your authorized staff will have direct control over these more-powerful transfers permissions via Banno People, where you can manage these permissions for each business and its individual members.

Your business admins with full User Management rights will also be able to control the necessary permissions from Banno Online. When a given member of the business has been granted access, that member will automatically see the related accounts when making a transfer.

We don't have a release target quite yet, but we will provide an update once this enhancement is ready for beta testing. Stay tuned!

Coming soon to Banno Business™ for Credit Unions • Banno Online™ & Banno People™

External loan display for credit union businesses

We recognize that your business members have been anxiously awaiting the option to view their external loans in Banno Business. The time is nearly here! We’re targeting January to roll out this feature. Barring any big setback, soon external loan accounts will be displayed alongside other accounts in both Banno People and Banno Online.

Like most other Banno Business features, authorized credit union employees and business admins alike will have control over who can access a given business organization's external loan accounts.

New feature for Banno Business™ for Credit Unions • Banno People™

Viewing Wires list in Banno People

Given that providing excellent support is a baseline expectation for your staff, it helps to be on the same page with your members. Therefore, it's now possible to view the same Active wire list in Banno People that your business members see in Banno Online. Today, when business members reach out for help, your credit union staff can provide a better support experience and quicker resolve time.

New feature for Banno Business™ • Banno Mobile™

Initiate wires in "Approval" status

You're invited to open Banno Mobile version 3.9 and take the last step in the wire approval process now! Business users managing and initiating wires on mobile can now fully complete sending a wire, as the ability to initiate a wire in the "Approval" status is available in the latest version of the app.

Heads up • Banno Platform™ Knowledge Base

Documentation updates

There's a new Help Center experience for Jack Henry customers, so we've added a new page to help you find your way from the Knowledge Base as needed.

As you know, Help Center contains step-by-step instructions for using the Banno Digital Platform™, JHA Treasury Management™, and all other Jack Henry products. If you’re looking for how-to guides, Help Center is the place to be!

For instructions on reaching the new Help Center, head to the Knowledge Base and click the Banno Help Center link in the navigation menu, or jump right to the instructions now: Accessing the Help Center

As always, while you're visiting the Knowledge Base, don't miss the latest Jack Henry Digital Banking product collateral!

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact Support.

Release notes are posted in the For Clients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.



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