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September 2023

Segmented messages, Overdraft Tolerance PowerOn update, Treasury enhancements, Banno Business updates • Plus more

Fall is finally arriving! While I’ll miss the long days of sun and the sound of lawnmowers, I’m ready to hunker down with some pumpkin spice. Yesterday, I ordered the obligatory mums for the front porch that I’ll forget to water and that will shrivel up and become natural Halloween decorations for trick-or-treaters.

And then there’s the type of candy that we’ll be handing out. We like to establish a north star for our Beggar’s Night offering before we venture out to buy our supplies. Are we going for healthy (apples and oranges), wide appeal (assorted), or are we going to specialize but go big with the full-sized bars?

Life (and fintech) is like a pillowcase full of candy. We’re thrilled we get to help your team realize your strategic vision today—even if it involves candy corn.

Screenshot of Wire File Transfer screen in Treasury Management.
Feature Enhancements • JHA Treasury Management™

New Back Office reports available this week!

What we’ve been prepping you for is finally here! As of September 28, the Wires via sFTP feature is now generally available. With an implementation timeframe of 45 to 60 days from receipt of contract, the time is now to contact your Account Executive and get scheduled for enablement.

Do you want more reports? Of course you do! We will be enabling two new Back Office reports for all banks that have been upgraded to SilverLake Release 2023 to ACH Notification of Change and ACH Returns Version 2. For any bank that has not had your core upgrade and are not on ACH Notification of Change and ACH Returns Version 2, once you are upgraded, you will automatically receive these two Back Office reports as part of your upgrade.* Check out the updated Back Office Reports QRG for more information on the ACH Notification of Change and ACH Return reports.

*Banks that upgraded before September 23 should have received these reports on Monday, September 25.

Coming Soon • JHA Treasury Management™

EULA + Jack Henry Terms in Treasury Management

Much like the updates we're working on for the Banno Platform (recapped in the "Forget-Me-Nots" below), we will also introduce changes to the End User License Agreement (EULA) and Jack Henry terms for Treasury Management in the relatively near future.

The rollout will be similar to the plan for the Banno Platform EULA + JH Terms; however, we are targeting the Treasury Management release in late 2023 or early 2024. There is no support case needed for these changes, and we will provide updates in the monthly statement as the plan details round into shape.

Heads Up • Banno Online™ & Banno Mobile™

Power up your PowerOns: Overdraft Tolerance

This month we are featuring the Overdraft Tolerance PowerOn. We have made several updates which have added the ability to:

  • Modify on-screen text on several of the pages.
  • Enforce only one share be opted in.
  • Set the Overdraft Tolerance field on the share record

For credit unions not already using this feature, it allows your users to opt in or out of overdraft services on a share-by-share basis. The CU can determine what terms and conditions need to be accepted in order to make changes.

If you are interested in installing or upgrading the Overdraft Tolerance PowerOn, please submit a For Clients portal. Need to check your Overdraft Tolerance PowerOn version? Just follow these steps.

Heads Up • Banno Online™ & Banno Mobile™

BSL now enabled for all Core Director customers

As discussed in last month's Statement, on September 26, we implemented a change for all Core Director customers. To determine how long we display closed accounts in Banno, we now rely on the account display setting that's defined in Core Director. Therefore, after closing an account, your end users will now retain access to their electronic statements for that same core-defined duration.

Bonus win!

It's worth noting that we uncovered an additional field in Core Director (Field 164) that is now also utilized in Banno. That field establishes the transfer limit for cash management users. If needed, you can use the Report Writer to run a comprehensive report of this field and obtain your cash management user limits.

Heads Up • Digital Banking reminders


There are quite a few things to keep top of mind this month:

EULA + JH Terms update

As noted in our previous Statement, later this fall we will implement changes to our End User License Agreement (EULA) and Jack Henry terms for the Banno Platform™, so your financial institution can choose to present end users with custom terms plus the required Jack Henry language—without blending the two together.

There’s no need to beta test, as these changes involve no real engineering challenges. That said, you can rest assured that we’ll provide another update at least 30 days prior to requiring the shift, so your team can prepare and can inform end users that they will be prompted to accept the new terms.

Mastercard NuDetect coverage to high-risk prompts

The new high-risk prompts we described in the August Statement will become available to our NuDetect customers in slightly staggered fashion. The new feature will hit Banno Online later in October and will be included on Mobile with our Android 3.7 release (early next week) and our iOS 3.8 release (right around Halloween).

eStatement Prompt

The new prompt to enroll in eStatements is now available for any native Documents integration that utilizes the Documents settings in Banno People. For a refresher on the details, see the eStatement Prompt article on the Knowledge Base.

Upcoming events

Please grab your seats for these upcoming events:

We'll be there with bells on!

Cover poster for the Toolkit Consumer API video.
Heads up • Banno Digital Toolkit™

Toolkit Corner: Developer Video Gallery

Are you looking for a specific video that you know was on the JackHenry.Dev homepage (or within the developer docs) and you can’t quite find it anymore? We’ve got you covered.

The Developer Video Gallery is the one-stop shop for all the videos we have created for developers.

Coming Soon • Banno People™

Segmented messages

The ability to send institution messages to targeted segments of users is headed your way soon! Historically, you’ve been able to send these messages to your entire user base, and now we're making it possible to target specific sets of users—leveraging the same segmentation tools that are currently accessible in Permissions segments and Banno Marketing. We plan to begin beta testing within the next few weeks, and we’ll follow up when the Segmented messages feature is ready for a broader rollout.

As we announced last month, the new segmentation functionality will also be delivered alongside a few additional enhancements to institution messages:

  • A new ability to ‘send right away,’ which will begin the process of sending the message and push notifications as soon as the message has been saved
  • The ability to specify push notification text, so pushes can be tailored to match the content
  • A separate dialog for the preview, so the message configuration screen doesn't become overly busy as we continue adding functionality
  • A new method to choose a deep link from the message, so you can direct users to a specific in-app view

These enhancements will be rolling out over the coming weeks as they are ready, with no additional configuration or support cases needed.

Screenshot of Banno Business banking management Activity screen.
Banno Business™ updates • Banno Online™ & Banno People™

View and filter Activity events for business organizations

*Coming soon for both banks & credit unions!

Your Banno Business admins and financial institution personnel will see a new Activity feed in their respective apps soon. Once the Activity feed is ready for use, here's what to expect:

  • People: Authorized employees will also see a new Activity feed for Business organizations, and they can also filter by user, date, or event type.
  • Online: Business organization admins and other members will notice menu changes on the Settings screen.
    • We're visually separating Personal banking settings from Business Management settings. This will let users access their online banking settings all from one screen—without accidentally mixing business and personal tasks.
    • Under the new Business Management dropdown, admins can open the Activity screen, where then can review activity events for their entire organization as well as filter activity by user, date, or event type.

Our engineering and product teams are working on the finishing touches now, and we will release them for both banks and credit unions (in beta) during the coming weeks.

Banno Business™ updates • Banno Online™ & Banno People™

Banno Business beta for credit unions

We've got a couple of other wins in the works for our credit unions on Business beta as well!

View organizations associated with an ACH company:
Available now in Banno People™

If your credit union supports Business ACH, authorized employees should now have access to view a list of business organizations that are associated with an ACH company. Just open People, click the ACH dropdown, and then click Companies.

Delete business organization members:
Coming soon to Banno Online™ & Banno People™

Business organization admins will soon have the option in Banno Online to delete organization members as necessary, regardless of whether the user has a pending invitation. This added level of control will equip business admins to stop unwanted account access immediately during times of employee turnover or changes in roles and responsibilities.

If organization admins prefer a helping hand, your credit union staff will soon be able to delete organization members in Banno People. Because deleting members is a high-stakes action that requires particular caution, we're also adding a new Delete everthing permission, so you can limit access to an approved group.

Questions? Learn more about user management for credit unions.

Heads up • Banno Platform™ Knowledge Base

Documentation updates

Check out the latest additions to the Knowledge Base:

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact Support.

Release notes are posted in the For Clients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.



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