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September 2022

Zelle® Ready Contacts, Conversations UI updates, Geezeo® spending wheel, & Business beta updates

Fall is in the air

Autumn is a beautiful season. As they say, it’s the second spring where every leaf is a flower. It’s a season of great change—the temperatures get cooler, the leaves change color, and digital banking tools keep getting better! That’s right, we’re pushing full steam ahead to deliver great new features. Grab yourself a blanket and your favorite fall treat, and then get ready for our latest updates!

Coming Soon • People and Online

Zelle® Ready Contacts and more

Send and request money through Zelle with greater confidence! Zelle users will soon be able to give Banno access to their device contacts so we can display anyone who's already enrolled. Because we can verify which contacts are already enrolled, your end users can feel confident that their payments will go through quickly and to the correct person.

We’re also making a small change to the former Send money button. We found it confusing that in order to request users, they had to first click Send money. Instead, we’ve renamed this button to Send and request money to make it clearer what options can be performed.

Picture of the Geezeo Spending wheel.
Coming [BACK!] Soon • Online

Geezeo Spending wheel and dashboard cards

First off, we want to say that we recognize we messed up here, and we apologize that it has taken us so long to get this corrected. But we have good news! We’ve found the source of the issues that have been plaguing these features, and we are working diligently to get them back in your hands during October. We will be re-releasing the Spending Wheel and all four Geezeo Insights Cards including: Budgets, Cashflow, Goals, and Net worth.

Again, we appreciate your patience and understanding. There's no support case needed for these features, so please stay tuned for enablement details in next month's statement!

Heads Up • Environment

FSCC Payment enhancements update

Back in the summer, we mentioned that we’d be releasing both recurring payments and the ability to make a credit card payment with an external account. Unfortunately, we’ve hit a small delay and will now be releasing these in late October. We’re excited to get these features in your hands—but not before we've verified that they’re working up to your expectations.

Apologies for the delay!

Heads up • Knowledge Base & Help Center

Documentation updates

We’re hard at work with Banno Business documentation and related articles to help you hit the ground running, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t find time to add a few other new things while we’re at it! Check out some useful new articles below:

  • Offline mode and Offline mode end user experience: We’ve added a slew of details about offline mode messages, how they’re set, and what end users see!
  • Conversations for Business: Wondering how conversations work for business users? Wonder no more! Our updated documentation outlines the feature and answers a few frequently asked questions.
  • External transfers: Deleting external transfer accounts is easy, but our updated external transfers documentation should make it even easier.
Heads Up • Platform reminders


We've got just a couple of reminders for you this month:

  • Support settings permission: This new permission is in final testing, so your financial institution admins will soon have more granular control when granting employee permissions for Banno Support, as described early this summer.
  • Direct Connect rollout delayed: We are now planning to start this rollout for all financial institutions in November, but you can still request early opt-in by asking support to enable "Banno/Direct Connect Authentication." See the August statement for details.
Heads up • Digital Toolkit

Toolkit Corner: Account types and subtypes

You asked; we listened.

We’ve updated our Consumer API Reference to include listings of the Account types and subtypes returned by our API for each core supported for credit unions and banks. Take a look and soak up the knowledge!

Picture of the Conversations UI changes.
New Feature • Online and Support

Conversations UI updates

These Conversations updates just keep comin’ atcha! We’re excited to share that we are preparing to release Banno Conversations for Business in Banno Online and Banno Support within the next few weeks. For the majority of you, there are only minor changes to both the consumer and admin user experiences. However, those involved with our Banno Business beta will have access to the extended Business functionality we described last month.

As mentioned previously, all of these updates are in the final stages of testing, so you’ll see them sooner than later—no support case is needed.

For a refresher on what everyone using Conversations can expect upon release, click the See Details button below.

New Banno Business Feature • People and Online

User management updates for beta customers

Banno Business is trucking along steadily now, and the features are coming fast and furious. We’re excited to get the new functionality out the door and into the hands of our beta customers!

Changes in both People and Online

  • Unlock organization users: When a user accidentally types an incorrect password too many times, for security purposes their account will become locked. Now organizations can provide full assistance to their users and get them back in action.
  • Send organization users a reset password link: Should a user’s password be forgotten or compromised, organizations can now provide self-service to their users and send them a link to reset their password.

Changes in Online only

  • Modify an organization user’s held state: We know the held state is crucial, because it empowers customers and their organizations to revoke access on a temporary basis. Now, the option to modify the held state will be available in Banno Online.
  • Delete a user: Simple but powerful. Users can now be deleted from Banno Online rather than using the NetTeller® Back Office.

Be on the lookout in the next few weeks for these new features with more to come next month!

Picture of the our four 2022 WebAwards winners.
Heads Up • Content

2022 WebAwards

The Website team is excited to announce that four of our sites were recently recognized in the 2022 WebAwards competition!

We were honored to work with each of these financial institutions on their digital elevation over the past year and are super proud to have won a “Best” award in the Financial Institution Industry for three years running. Congrats to all involved!

Heads up • Mobile

Earliest-supported iOS version changing

Banno Mobile 2.46 will be our last release that supports iOS version 14.0. Starting with Mobile 2.47, our earliest-supported iOS version will become iOS 15.0. We will, of course, announce this in the Mobile 2.47 release notes as well as include a reminder in next month's statement.

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact Support.

Release notes are posted in the For Clients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.



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